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SPRECHstunde in the SPRECHraum

Many language learners want to improve their pronunciation as well as practice speaking or communicating in their target language. All of this can be done in the SPRECHraum (I3.407, access via the Mediathek, I3.401). The SPRECHraum is FOR ALL LANGUAGE LEARNERS and ALL TARGET LANGUAGES!

In the SPRECHraum you can play (language learning) games, do exercises with your tandem or learning partner (e.g. SEAGULL) or record yourself while speaking (by using the Sanako software, see tutorials on the computers).

On certain fixed dates during the semester, the SPRECHstunde takes place. In every session, a specific training method for speaking and/or pronunciation will be presented. This offer aims at specific target languages. Pleace see the schedule below for topics, dates and target languages.

Student testimonials

“Finally a real exercise!”

“It is helpful to listen to your own recording!”

“The ‘Sanako-Player’ is very helpful. It enables you to repeat, read out texts and record your own voice. Alternating between the original file and your own voice, recording during playback helps you to recognize incorrect pronunciation.”

"For me, the SPRECHstunde was a very good practice for my German. I learned new words and met new people. It was fun and I will definitely recommend it. I'd like to come back again. The instructor was really nice as well."

"I really like the SPRECHstunde. I have learned Italian and spoke with new people in my own language. I totally recommend it. The student assistant is passionate and makes everything easier to understand."

"It was fun to practice languages with my friends. I can definitely recommend it."

"I like games like 'Tick, tack, bumm...' or 'Tabu' very helpful to extend my vocabulary in a playful way and reduce my inhibitions about speaking"


- The SPRECHstunde is an offer for autonomous learning. It is no instructed class.

- Information about available materials and possible activities can be found in the PANDA course “Sprachen Lernen in der Mediathek”. Students who want to practice communicating in the target language can use the SPRECHraum during the opening hours of the Mediathek.

- Attending the SPRECHstunde will give you an additional ECTS point for “Autonomes Lernen”.

Date Content Description
20.11.2018 Tongue twisters Tongue twisters for the target languages German, English, Spanish
13:30 h
Games in German, English and Spanish Games in German, English and Spanish. Goals: Practicing vocabulary, improvement of pronunciation.
14 h
Grammar, vocabulary, communication Exercises to practice grammar, vocabulary and communication and refresh your language skills before the beginning of term.
Languages: German, English: up to level C1; French, Italian, Spanish: up to level B1
Registration with your target language & level (until Monday, March 25th via zfs[at]upb[dot]de) requested.
11 h
Games in German and English Do you want to improve your speaking skills in your target language (German and English)? If so, join the SPRECHstunde. In a relaxed atmosphere you can try out games from the Tandem Suitcase.
    Other topics will  be anounced


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