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Tandem Programme - autonomous language learning in a tandem with support

Students who would like to study a language through tandem learning, both earnestly and under guidance without gaining credit points, as well as those who would like to receive credit points*, can register for the tandem programme. Numerous studies prove that the effectiveness of tandem learning can be substantially increased through guidance and advice!

flyer tandem programme​​​​​​​ (2 pages)

Linguistic Requirements (Prerequisites)

You will benefit most from tandem learning if you already have a basic knowledge of your target language. Therefore, a level of at least B1 in the target language, especially in German, is obligatory for participation in the tandem programme.

Who can participate?

You can register for the tandem programme only as a pair with the language combination German + any other language.


How Do You Study in a Tandem?

Learning in a tandem is based on the principles of reciprocity (both partners benefit from the learning partnership, each partner supports the other partner ) and autonomy (each participant is responsible for his own learning process). This kind of learning is very individual and effective but also demanding.

In each workshop you will therefore have the opprtunity to get to know and to develop concrete ideas and strategies for tandem learning.

Additionally, you will work with a tandem portfolio which will help you in setting realistic goals and charting your own learning process. An individual appointment for a tandem learning advising session will support you in doing so.

Course and Registrations Specifics

Choosing from one of the initial (identical) information sessions, you have the opportunity to find out more about tandem learning, the tandem market and the tandem programme before deciding whether it is a suitable option for you.

1.  Basic Registration

Registration is via the homepage. Participation in the tandem programme (for 3 credit points*): You and your tandem partner have to register as a pair with the indication of both IMT-accounts via  „Tandemprogramme Registration“ (Link will be activated at the beginning of the term. With this you confirm that you have a partner. To take part in an introductory workshop, please also register:

2.  Workshops

Ideally, you participate in all of the workshops with your tandem partner. In those workshops, you’ll support each other and strengthen your language skills together, being guided by one of our professional staff members.

  • You register for one of the introductory workshops for tandem learning via "Workshop Registration" Visiting one of these is mandatory. Here you also enter information about your target language.
  • You attend at least 1 of the general strategy workshops and thus establish your individual learning profile. You also have to register via  "Workshop Registration" for these workshops.
  • If you need a grade, we recommend to participate in the "Project Workshop".
  • Visiting the concluding workshop is also mandatory.

Registration deadline: Sunday before the (date of the) respective workshop.

3.  Individual Meetings with Your Tandem Partner

You decide for yourself what and how you learn!
During the course of the term, you meet once or twice a week for two hours with your tandem partner (organised by yourselves). You document at least 6 of your meetings for your target language in a so-called tandem portfolio, so that your learning process is made transparent (goals, activities, learning results, reflection…). You can work on a (ideally joint) project.

4.  Tandem Advising

The tandem advising allows you to discuss individual concerns which can contribute to the success of your tandem (e.g. what exactly do I want to achieve with the tandem? Which activities are tailored at my goals? How do I assess my progress? etc.).
Appointments will be arranged in the introductory workshops.

Contact: More information is available under tandem(at)kw(dot)upb(dot)de or at Ilka Dönhoff
Also check our FAQs.

*With the tandem programme you can earn credits for your studies as long as study regulations schedule ZfS language courses as credits for your course of studies (e.g. in the course of the “Studium Generale”-module. If required, a grade can also be given.



Internationale Kompetenz mit dem Tandemprogramm ausbauen und mit upb+ dokumentieren.

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