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Tandem Market

The tandem market helps you find a suitable tandem partner. It is accessible at any time and is completely non-binding. A personal arrangement of contacts is not possible.

How it works (description with screenshots...):

  • Log in with your IMT user name
  • Create a profile by choosing the language(s) you speak ("I offer...") and for which language(s) you would like to have a tandem partner ("I am looking for").
  • You will then automatically get a list with possible tandem partners whom you can contact to arrange for a first meeting, which will then in turn enable you to exchange plans and ideas. Remember that there is no matching.

If everything suits you, all you have to do is start learning – good luck!

To ensure a good start, feel free to join a tandem information session or contact our staff (see the box).

→ Click here to be forwarded to the tandem market!

The University for the Information Society