Extra credit points: how to obtain 1 ECTS extra

For our (2-hour) language courses you will receive 3 ECTS. Certain courses award 4 ECTS points in the optional area FOR A COURSE WITH 2SWS.

Conditions of participation: First, please make sure to clarify how many ECTS you need and whether you are able to obtain the extra credit or not. You will find this information in your study regulations or you can contact your department.

+ + + Please register for the EXAMINATION (Prüfungsleistung) by Wednesday 3 May (date of the deadline) + + +

Video: How to obtain 1 ECTS extra. Registration and Requirements (German Version)

How to obtain 1 ECTS extra? (within the lecture period)

Please register in PAUL

  • for the language course itself (eg. English C1.2)
  • for the examination performance (eg. English C1.2 – Prüfungsleistung)
  • for "COURSENAME - Autonomes Lernen" (eg. English C1.2 – Autonomes Lernen)
  • for "COURSENAME - Autonomes Lernen - examination performance" (eg. English C1.2 – Autonomes Lernen – Prüfungsleistung)


You will discuss with your teacher which additional work you will do WITHIN the course (10-minute presentation, essay, etc. – your work will be credited with a total of 10 hours).


In addition to the work related to the course, you will spend 4.5 hours working with the language outside from the course. You can therefore pursue your own focal points and interests. Either by...

a) taking advantage of various offers of ZfS (see below) or

b) by engaging independently in various activities inside or outside the media library (or a mixture of both). If possible, you are very welcome to cooperate with learning partners!

Especially for b):
Helpful for getting started with Autonomous Learning:

Please DOCUMENT your activities in this learning journal. Ask your teacher to sign the additional achievement in the course (or to confirm it by e-mail to Ilka Dönhoff).

  • Share your most important results and/or experiences with other learners in the respective language forum "Sprachenlernen in der Mediathek" (language learning in the media library).  If there is already an entry on "your" topic in the forum, please click on "Reply" instead of opening a new topic to keep it clearer.


After completing your activities, make an appointment for a short reflective meeting with Ilka DönhoffBring your complete learning journal with you to the interview. You may also refer to your entry in the language forum.

Important: You must complete all extra activities within the lecture period.

Autonomes Lernen in der Mediathek (I3.401) - Autonomous learning in the media library (I3.401)

Any time during our opening hours, you can practice autonomous learning on topics and with materials of your choice. Please speak to the media library staff - also if you would like to use the SPRECHraum / SPREAKING ROOM (see below) and present your learning journal to record the duration.

Here you will find general information on the Mediathek and SPRECHraum (Media library & Speaking Room) well as a handout on autonomous learning. For more tips and info, go to the PANDA-Kurs Sprachenlernen in der Mediathek (PANDA course Language Learning in the Media Library) (login without password possible).



Is it too quiet for you to practice speaking or pronunciation in the Media Library? Then make use of the offers in the SPRECHraum, preferably with a learning partner (entrance through the media library). Here you can play (language learning) games, do exercises with a tandem partner or record yourself speaking.


Strategienworkshops - Strategy workshops for foreign language learning

Would you like more fun, variety, effectiveness or sustainability...? You can optimize your foreign language learning with individually adapted strategies. Each workshop, including preparation, adds 2.5 hours to your learning time. Further information on our strategy workshops can be found here.


Individuelle Sprachlernberatung (SLB) / Individual Language Learning Advice

Every learner has different strengths, weaknesses, interests and resources. Here you will receive support in managing and optimizing your learning process - individually adapted to what is feasible and motivating for you. One counselling appointment counts as 1 hour of your learning time. You can find more information on language learning advising (SLB) here.


Language café

Do you want to speak English without grades and without pressure to perform? Our language café is the right place for you!

The digital language café is an offer for free speaking, supported by one of the Mediatech team. You can find more information here.


If you have any further questions please contact: ilka.doenhoff(at)upb(dot)de