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Registration for Language Courses

Registration for students

Registrations for language courses during the semester are to be made via the campus management system PAUL. The deadlines coincide with the period of general registration and are announced on the PAUL-Home screen, the ZfS website in the tab ‘News’ and via notices.
First, applications are collected; in case of excessive demand, decisions are made by drawing lots after the expiration of the deadline. If possible, additional courses are offered in case of sustained demand. Access to these new courses and remaining places will be given in the second registration period.
If a participant does not attend the first session without any prior notification, he will lose his entitlement for participation.

Placement tests

  • English, Spanish and French: Learners with previous knowledge who have yet not attended a course with the ZfS beforehand have to sign up in the first registration period for the placement test and then, only in the second, shorter period for a course with the appropriate level. Approval is granted if a) the course level corresponds to the test result or b) the previous course and exams have been successfully completed.
  • You do not have to take the placement test again if you already have a valid placement test result from the previous semester. However, placement test results older than one semester will not be recognised.
  • NEW: Polish and Russian: Admission to Polish and Russian courses is granted in WS 14/15 for the first time after a personal assessment interview. All students interested (with or without prior knowledge) have to sign up for one of the dates on 19th October and arrive on time for the selected appointment. Please bring along the completed checklist (Polish / Russian). After the assessment, course levels are set and the participants will then be manually logged in on PAUL for the course that corresponds to their proficiency level. The courses start in the second week of the semester.
  • If you have any further questions, please refer to our FAQ.

Registration for Employees & Guest auditors

The courses are primarily intended for all enrolled students of the University of Paderborn, but are open to employees, second- or guest auditors as well, provided that places are available after the expiration of the registration period. Externals are requested to pre-register via e-mail. You will be notified at the beginning of the semester and informed whether you can participate.

Important: In the English courses during the semester, no guest auditors will be accepted. Courses for beginners without any prior knowledge are normally fully booked as well. As far as the intensive courses are concerned, all those interested will be treated equally.

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