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Conditions of Participation and Performance Record

 For regular attendance and passing the exam students receive

    3 ECTS points for courses with 2 CHW*
    6 ECTS points for courses with 4 CHW*.

(*CHW: Contact Hours per Week)

For courses with 2 CHW, no more than a maximum of 3 sessions may be missed, for courses with 4 CHW; a maximum of 6 missed sessions may not be exceeded.

Note due to frequent questions: For courses with 4 CHW, spread over 2 sessions per week, the classes on both dates must be attended. Participation in only one of the sessions per week is not allowed.

For students - and only for those whose study regulations award 4 credit points for courses with 2 CHW - it is possible to acquire an additional 4. point, but ONLY by accomplishing the following additional tasks:

-   a ten-minute presentation and
-   five hours* of self-directed learning, keeping a record of one’s individual progress in a  diary. Find an overview of the possibilities here.

*The 5 hours of self-directed learning must be completed within the semester. For events that take place during term breaks, no additional ECTS can be earned.

In language courses with 4 CHW, no additional ECTS point can be earned, but a maximum of 6 ECTS credit points.

Successful participation in a language course is confirmed by a certificate, which is also suitable for supplementing application documents. The form titled “Scheinformular” can be downloaded as a pdf or in Word format. Assessments of past semesters are kept up to 5 years in the library and can be retrieved there.

For any queries, students may contact  Dr. Sigrid Behrent.

The University for the Information Society