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Paderborn University in spring. Show image information

Paderborn University in spring.

Photo: Paderborn University, Kamil Glabica.

The Values and Culture initiative

In 2011, the Values and Culture initiative at Paderborn University lead by the university Executive Board conducted a participatory process to uncover and define the underlying institutional values at UPB, which are depicted in the form of a cloverleaf (see image right).

These values provide an orientation and guideline for all members and status groups of the university community, including academic and non-academic staff. The behaviours and attitudes described in the cloverleaf are phrased using the perspective of each individual.  It is irrelevant if the reader is a member of staff or a manager: each manager also has his/her own superior. The institutional values provide a helpful orientation for every meeting, discussion or debate.  The institutional values describe the way that we all wish to work together and cooperate at Paderborn University. We each have the right, but also the duty to actively shape our everyday interactions in alignment with these values.

What to do if these values are not adhered to?

We expect every person at our university to comply with our institutional values. If this does not appear to be the reality in some cases, there are various ways to discuss the importance of adhering to our institutional values and to bring about positive change.

  1. It is generally recommended that you speak to your supervisor as a first step.

  2. If this is not possible, then you may approach your next highest superior. 

  3. The staff councils are happy to advise and support you at any time.

  4. There are also contacts and support services within the university for special topics:

  • Equal Opportunities Officer

  • The Representative for Severely Disabled Persons

  • Addiction Advice Centre

  • University Alliance Against Depression

  • University Medical Officer

  • Family Service Office

  • Ombudsperson for good scientific practice

  • Security Officer

The Human Resources Department will also be happy to provide further information on your rights and obligations as a member of staff.


Department of Human Resources, Division Head: Dr. jur. Christian Winsel, B1.303, 60-2531

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