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Developing Study Programs

Competence-oriented teaching and testing, creating study programs according to the principles of Constructive Alignment, feasibility of study programs, subject-specific and interdisciplinary “soft-skill” Learning Outcomes – we’re happy to offer assistance and advice while you are producing or revising modular study regulations (Modulhandbüchern) for accreditation processes. If requested, we can work together with you to analyze potential difficulties during implementation and to develop new ideas and strategies for didactic success when putting the study regulations into practice.

Contact person

Dr. Nerea Vöing

Stabsstelle Bildungsinnovationen und Hochschuldidaktik

Angebote für professorale Hochschullehrende, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Studiengangs- und Organisationsentwicklung

Nerea Vöing
+49 5251 60-3332

The University for the Information Society