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Vielfalt von Mentoring Show image information
Mentee und Mentorin bilden ein Tandem zum Erfahrungsaustausch Show image information
Die drei Elemente des Mentoring-Programms Show image information

Photo: Nina Ostwald (Mentoring für Doktorandinnen)

Vielfalt von Mentoring

Photo: Joanna Becker (Peer-Mentoring-Programm)

Mentee und Mentorin bilden ein Tandem zum Erfahrungsaustausch

Photo: Vincent Leifer

Die drei Elemente des Mentoring-Programms

Photo: Mentoring für Doktorandinnen

One-on-one coaching

To arrange an appointment for one-on-one coaching, feel free to contact Dr. Julia Steinhausen at julia.steinhausen(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de.

Coaching with colleagues for women in the post-doctoral phase

Coaching with colleagues – Image: Vincent Leifer

Are you one of the few female post-doctoral researchers in your field? Is your goal to have a leadership position or do you already have one and want to support other women who are working towards leadership? Do you want to share ideas and learn new skills with your colleagues?  How about deepening your knowledge of structures in the STEM world? Are you wondering what next steps in your career can look like?  Would you like to work on your goals and foster your career in a structured group of like-minded women?

Then coaching with colleagues is the right place for you!

The coaching with colleagues-program gives you the opportunity to set clear goals and to collaborate with other women to work towards these goals together, learn new paths and share achievements. Besides developing your own career goals, you can sharpen your counseling and communication skills as you work together, which is also useful beyond the group. "With colleagues" means you will work with a group of like-minded women in related positions and with a common professional focus, yet from different faculties. The idea is to coach each other as peers and to inspire each other along the way towards achieving your specific goals.

How does it work?

To start, a kick-off event gives the women the opportunity to become acquainted with each other and learn about the mentoring methods to coach each other on career issues. In the next three sessions, the women can practice these methods and work on their own matters. These sessions are supervised by a moderator. Afterwards, the group decides for themselves how and in which format they would like to continue working.

Current dates:

to be announced shortly


If you are interested, please contact Dr. Julia Steinhausen (julia.steinhausen(at)upb(dot)de) under the keyword "Coaching with Colleagues." We will contact you for a short conversation or phone call to provide more information.

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