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"Das erste Mal…" – freshmen-workshop for term papers, academic assignments and written reports

Sooner or later your first paper will be due. But who’s going to tell you how it works? No need to panic! This hands-on, two-day workshop will help you plan and write your first academic paper(s). We will answer your questions and introduce you to writing strategies you can apply to your own writing projects.


  • What is expected from my academic paper? What are the requirements for my academic paper?
  • What tasks do I have to tackle and how can I keep an eye on my time management?
  • How do I find an appropriate research question?
  • How do I develop a coherent structure?
  • How do I find and use appropriate literature?
  • How do I write and quote scientifically?
  • How do other people read my text and how can I revise it?

Next date of the synchronous online workshop:

2020-02-16/17, 11 am to 4 pm (booked up)

2020-03-02/03, 11 am to 4 pm (registration deadline: 26-02)

The event will take place via the online platform Discord.

Note: In the synchronous workshop, we use the same videos as in the asynchronous workshop version in PANDA. The difference to the asynchronous version is that there will be a space for exchange about the exercises, feedback, and questions in Zoom sessions between the blocks.

Please use the PANDA course as an alternative.


Online version of our workshop for freshman on writing academic papers

In this panda course, you get access to information, writing & reflection exercises and tips in different subject areas.

Please notice that the workshop is only available in German.


Tip: Workshops on Searching Literature (University Library)

You are writing term paper or your final thesis? You have problems finding scientific literature? Find solutions in discipline-specific workshops on searching literature in the university library. Learn about catalogues and databases that are relevant for the topic you are dealing with.

First, we will look into strategies that help searching literature successfully. Then theory will be put into practise by working in small groups. You will be offered individual support in finding scientific literature precisely matching your research project.

Click here for appointments and regristration.

Orientierung: Sprechstunden Do's and Don'ts

Gerade in Zeiten der digitalen Lehre ist die Sprechstunde bei Dozierenden eine wichtige Möglichkeit, um Fragen und Anliegen zu den aktuellen Schreibprojekten zu klären. Damit beide Seiten zufrieden aus dem Gespräch herausgehen, ist oft etwas Vorbereitung nötig. Doch was darf man fragen und wie geht man am besten ins Gespräch? Hier findet ihr einige Do's and Don'ts zur Planung von eurem nächsten Sprechstundenbesuch.


For your registration to be mandatory please complete the form below including the following pieces of information: Name, email address, date, course of study, subject(s), semester/year, type of thesis. Please note that we can only process complete registrations.

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