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Staying & Writing At Home – An Online Writing Group For Lonely Days Of Writing

Writing in a group is easier than writing alone. And as it is not possible to do it in a material space right now, we will do so in a digital one!

The rules are simple:

• We will meet on Discord ( from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. This is an extensive speak- and text-chat for gamers (usually) which is free of charge and safe. You can use it on your computer or smartphone. Moreover, you can choose to install Discord or use the browser version.

• You will write as you would normally do, using your own devices and programs.

• The Discord Writing Group will have different channels that will provide different things. The first and most important rule is that everyone only uses the specific channel for what it is intended for.

• At the beginning of the day, everyone will post their writing goals for the day.

• In a Q&A you can post all the questions that you always had about academic writing, answer the questions of others, and give each other tips.

• We will post new writing challenges regularly - small tasks, that should help make your writing process easier, more exciting and your text maybe even a little bit better. Whether you accept the challenges or prefer to continue your writing is, of course, your own decision.

• At the end of the day, you will give yourself a star-rating for the writing goals you achieved in the intended channel.


When? - TBA

There are 20 spots available.

You will be given more information on the Online Writing Group as soon as you have registered. At this point, we need to emphasize that Discord is not one of the officially recommended programs by the IMT of the University of Paderborn. Therefore, participation in the chat is voluntary.

We are looking forward to creating a productive writing atmosphere with you!

Best regards

Jana & Silvia

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