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One-to-one Consultations

We are happy to support you in individual consultation hours. Both, our peer writing tutors and research assistants help you in drop-in hours as well as one-to-one conferences. We also offer consultations in English and give feedback on your English academic texts. We try to make consultations in other languages and on texts in other languages possible – in case you’re interested, please contact us.

You’re interested in a peer-consultation? Come and see our peer tutors on

Tuesdays from 14-16 in ME 0.227
Wednesdays from 13-14 in the library
Thursdays from 11.30-13.30 in ME 0.227

Alternatively, you can send an email with your question to studentische.schreibberatung(at)upb(dot)de or make an individual appointment.

Please note: As of July 25th, we will offer extended consultation hours on Wednesdays from 12-14 (in the library). 

Our writing tutors also provide consultation hours specifically for freshmen.

You’re interested in talking to one of our research assistants? We are happy to help! Please make an appointment via email.

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