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Change of Perspective.

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Long-term accommodation

If you come to Paderborn for a longer stay, there are various ways to to look for a flat or a house in Paderborn and the surrounding area.

Please note that many house hunting websites are only available in German.

Some advertisements for accommodations may be scams.

Please do not make any advance payments without having signed a contract first!

Tips regarding how to recognize scams can be found here.

House hunting websites

To find accommodation in Paderborn, you can use a variety of websites. An overview of these websites can be found here (unfortunately, most of them are in German only).

Advertisements in newspapers

Many flats can also be found in the flat advertisements of the local daily newspapers. Some newspapers also provide an online version of the flat advertisements, for example the local newspaper „Neue Westfälische“ or the „Westfalen-Blatt“.

Online platform by Paderborn's Student Services Organisation

On the online platform provided by the Studierendenwerk Paderborn (Student Services Organisation) you can find advertisements published by private landlords.

eBay Classifieds

Many flats are also offered on eBay.

Social networks

Sometimes it can also be worth taking a look at social networks. On Facebook, for example, there are some groups in which housing offers are published by private individuals.

Notice boards

If you are already in Paderborn, a good way to look for accommodation is by checking the various notice boards at Paderborn University.

Publish an advertisement

You can also publish a flat seach advertisement yourself, for example in the local newspapers, on websites or on the notice boards.

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