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Snow on campus.

Photo: Paderborn University, Johannes Pauly


Current regulations to contain the pandemic (4 March 2021)

Extension of the current regulations, relaxation of some regulations and introduction of opening options

(updated 4 March 2021)

The lockdown to combat the Corona pandemic in Germany will be extended in principle until 28 March, but with many opening options depending on the infection situation.

Further information can be found here.

New entry regulations for entry from high incidence areas or virus variant areas

(updated 1 February 2021)

Travellers aged six years or older who have been in a high incidence area or in a virus variant area in the past ten days prior to entry into Germany must carry proof that they have been tested for infection with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus with them upon entry and present it to the competent authorities upon request and, if necessary, to the transport company prior to travelling. Further information

A travel ban has been imposed on countries with widespread occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 virus variants of concern (referred to as “areas of variant of concern”).

Extension of the regulations until 14 February 2021

(updated 22 January 2021)

The regulations to contain the pandemic, previously set to expire at the end of January, has now been prolonged until February 14. Most shops, schools and non-essential business, such as gyms and sports centers, will remain closed. The new measures include stricter rules on the types of masks that must be worn in certain public places.

Further information

Regulations until 31 January 2021

(updated 6 January 2021)

On 5 January 2021, Chancellor Merkel and the heads of government of the federal states have agreed to extend and, in some cases, tighten the measures in place to contain the pandemic. The existing resolutions which are in effect since 16 December 2020 (see below) remain valid until 31 January 2021.

The following regulations will come into effect on 11 January 2020:

Contact restrictions: The existing resolutions for private gatherings will be extended. It is only allowed to meet members of one's own household and one other person not living in the household.

In areas with a 7-day incidence of more than 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the federal states can restrict the radius of movement to 15 km around the place of residence.

Children's sickness benefits: Children's sickness benefits will be granted for 10 additional days per parent (20 additional days for single parents) in 2021. Parents can also apply for children's sickness benefits when it is necessary to take care of the child at home because the school or kindergarten is closed due to the pandemic.

Entry regulations: In addition to the existing quarantine regulations after entering Germany from a risk area, as of 11 January 2021, it is obligatory to show a negative test result which is not older than 48 hours or to get tested shortly after entering Germany.

Further information on the regulations as of 6 January 2021. Please note that the regulations may vary depending on the federal state.

Regulations as of 16 December 2020

(updated 15 January 2021)

As of Wednesday, 16 December 2020, new regulations are in effect in Germany to help contain the Covid 19 pandemic.

The following rules will apply:

  • Shops, with the exception of shops for daily needs, will be closed from 16 December to 10 January. Supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, gas stations and some other shops will remain open.
  • Pick-up and delivery services can still be used. An overview of restaurants which deliver or offer pick-up service can be found here. Some shops in Paderborn also offer delivery or pick-up service and there are also some supermarkets that deliver food. The websites are in German only. Please contact us, if you need any further information or assistance.
  •  Until January 10, the contact restrictions continue to apply: a maximum of five people from two households may come together
  • For the days from 24 to 26 December, meetings with 5 persons plus children up to 14 years of age in the closest family circle are permitted.
  • For New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (1 January), there is a nationwide ban on  assembly.
  • The sale of fireworks is generally prohibited this year.
  •   Since 14 December 2020, compulsory attendance in schools has been abolished. In North Rhine-Westphalia, daycare centers are to remain open, but they should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Further information can be found here.

Please note, that the regulations may vary depending on the state. Information about the regulations that apply in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or need any support!

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