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Change of Perspective.

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Information for Hosts

Paderborn University’s Welcome Service assists international researchers and employees for example in finding the right contact person for questions and problems. On its website, it also offers extensive information about living and working in Paderborn.

Please contact us, if we can support you or if you have any questions.

Please note: The Welcome Service is in the process of being established. We appreciate any ideas, feedback and questions

Important information regarding entry regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic

Travel to Germany from other EU states, the Schengen area and the United Kingdom has been possible without restriction since 21 June 2020.

From 2 July 2020, unrestricted travel to Germany is possible from certain third countries with low rates of infection. Travel to Germany is also possible from third countries, if there are important grounds for doing so. On this basis, third-country nationals from a country not mentioned on the list above may also enter for research purposes, if the research cannot be carried out from abroad. In many cases, this must be confirmed by the German host institution and researchers have to show the confirmation when applying for a visa and/or entering the country. The DAAD and the HRK provide a template for this confirmation:

Confirmation of the necessity to be present in Germany for the purpose of research (§18d Residence Act)

Bestätigung über die Notwendigkeit der Anwesenheit in Deutschland zum Zweck der Forschung (§18d AufenthG) (German version)

Confirmation of the necessity to be present in Germany for the purpose of studies/doctoral studies (§ 16b Residence Act)

Bestätigung über die Notwendigkeit der Anwesenheit in Deutschland zum Zweck des Studiums/der Promotion (§ 16b AufenthG) (German version)

Please note: Whether the confirmation is needed depends on the responsible authorities.

(Students who need a confirmation can contact the International Office)

More information about entry regulations can be found here.

Further information

Hosting Agreement

If a hosting agreement is required for a guest researcher's residence title according to §20 Residence Act, please contact Davina Stiller.

Contract / Employement

If you have any questions concerning the employement of international guest researchers, researchers and staff at Paderborn University, please contact the HR department directly.

Checklists for international employees

On the Welcome Service's website international guests and employees can find checklists for preparing their stay, their first steps in Paderborn and before departure.



Demnächst soll eine Übersicht über FAQ erstellt werden. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns bei Fragen, die wir dann ggf. auch in diese Liste mit aufnehmen können.


Davina Stiller

Paderborn University

Assistant to the vice president for international relations

Davina Stiller
+49 5251 60-2328

Office hours:

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you need any support!

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