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Is it possible to try out the GTZ gym or another sport course before signing up?

No, due to reasons concerned with insurance it is not possible to participate in any courses without being registered first.

All students at the University of Paderborn are insured by the Unfallkasse NRW if they participate in events or courses that take place within the usual workings of the HSP. But participants have to be registered for these events and courses.

How can I register?

The booking of tickets (sports ticket, massage, PE, extensions of gym membership) and courses allowing your participation can be done online.

First-time registrations are the only ones that have to be done in person at the University Sports Department's office during the opening hours.


There are four fees listed next to each course. What does this mean?

The fees listet depend on the chosen courses. They apply in the order student/employee of Paderborn University/former students/ external members.

Regardless of their workload employess (incl. "Wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte") and former students have to book the sports-ticket for employees first. Doing this their fee is the same that applies for students. You are regarded as a student as soon as you are able to show a immatriculation confirmation.


Though the kind of sports does not differ the price does. How is the calculation for the courses' fees done?

The fee of the course depends on the exact number of dates as well as the sport's category. The fee is for the complete semester or semester break.


I cannot register.

This can have different reasons. The most frequent are:

1. The course is already booked out. Further reasons can be found at the bottom of the page.

2. Your status gruop is not allowed to book. Some courses can only be booked by students and employees. Should capacities allow it the week after bookings started we can also give booking permission to external persons. Please contact us!

3. Some browsers may have difficulties with our booking system. Please try another one.

For further support please contact us
Team/ Contact


Can I book a course directly with the coach of a course?

No! Booking a course is only possible via the online registration on the webpage of the Hochschulsport. Any other means (like e-Mail or in person) is not possible. If your desired course is already full, please sign in the waiting list. More information on this follows.


The offer of my choice is already booked out. Will there be a chance to book it?

Should an offer be booked out (real time), you will find a red Button, should there be a wainting list an orange button will appear.
The webpage shows the up-to-date information directly from the booking system.

Should a sports course be booked out futher bookings can still be possible e.g. if a participant's payment fails. As soon as there are free capacities everyone on the waiting list will receive a mail from us. The booking process is to the principle first come first serve.


I am ill/cannot attend the first lesson. Are there any consequences?

If you are not able to attend the first lesson(s) this does not have any consequences. You will still have the permission to visit the offer. We will not cancel registrations. In case you want to tell your coach about your unattendence please use our "Kursleiterkontaktformular" for contact. You will find this by clicking on your coach's name right next to the course you refer to.


The course fee for a course has not yet been written off of my account. May I already participate in the lessons?

Yes. You get a notification with your registration saying, that you have booked a course. Be ready to show that in the course that you have booked. Payment for the course will be according to the SEPA debit procedure.


Are the fees for courses or the GTZ written off monthly or only once?

After the SEPA Pre-Notification there will be a single payment in the full amount of the fees for the GTZ or other courses. By booking a course, payment will happen online through the SEPA debit procedure. There will be an email reminding you to check your bank account balance before the transaction takes place. There are transactions twice a month for all unpaid courses (GTZ, courses) so you might get the Pre-Notification email a few weeks after you have booked.

Upon a first time booking we might only take part of the fees, and the rest as described above.

This will also happen in some special courses, like Dancing: If you register as a pair, only the person who booked the course and agreed to the SEPA debit procedure will be billed and there will be two transactions.  


I cannot participate or have not participated in a course and want to cancel my booking.

A cancellation is not possible according to our terms of agreement.

If you were unable to participate and have documents to verify that (a doctor’s note, de-registration notice) you can receive a credit for your next course or we cancel your booking (only if the money has not yet been transferred) out of goodwill.


I have injured myself during a course. What do I do now?

If there is an accident during a course the participant has to make a report in the Service Center of the university (in front of the library). Bring prove that you have booked the course (“Anmeldebestätigung” you got via email) and if necessary give the name of the trainer as witness. If you have to call an ambulance or if the participant is sent to the hospital it is important to mention the “Unfallkasse NRW” as your insurance and be sure to make the report in the Service Center afterwards.


Some lessons of my course were cancelled multiple times. Will they take place later on?

Due to special events of the department of sports, the Hochschulsport or the city some course dates may not take place (a maximum of two per semester). Those dates are announced on the webpage of the Hochschulsport and are in accordance with the trainer. There might be extra dates if agreed upon, but participants have no claim to extra dates.

There are no courses on state holidays. The Hochschulsport will decide how to handle the time between Christmas and New Year’s, usually there are no courses in the university Christmas break. This is also applicable to the GTZ and other services.

During the semester program there is the option to have one extra course-date in the last week of the semester to make up for a cancelled date. This is because the Hochschulsport program ends a week earlier than the semester. This is not a possibility for the program in the semester break.


I cannot find a specific course anymore, although it was listed in the program (A-Z) last semester.

The course is not being offered this time, for example because there is not trainer or the program has to be cut down due to lack of participants or a lack of space. We reserve the right to cancel a course due to a lack of participants before the course starts.

I or my team want to participate in the adh-open or DHMS tournaments. Who do we need to contact?

We always welcome strong athletes who want to represent our university in such events. We will support you or your team financially with travel expenses, entry fees or jerseys. You can find more information in the download section. Please check our contacts page to see who will sign you up for tournaments.

I want to offer a course and become a coach for the Hochschulsport. How do I proceed?

If you want to be a trainer with the Hochschulsport write us a short email about yourself, your qualifications and why you want to become a trainer to either Diana or Cornelia.

If you want to offer courses in the field of dancing or fitness, please write to  Diana or Lisa.
For all other sports please write an email to 


Anything not going as smooth as it can? We are open to suggestions.

Write us at shk-sport(at)zv.upb(dot)de

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