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Best-Practices Teaching Symposium (Tag der Lehre)

Improving the quality of teaching and academics is a central tenet of university policy and politics, and one which the University of Paderborn takes seriously.

To get an impression of the incredibly broad spectrum of methods and activities being used in teaching, to present them to a broader audience, and to provide a forum for discussion and further development, the university has held a yearly Best-Practices Teaching Symposium (Tag der Lehre) since 2012. This offers a public platform within the university community to communicate and discuss both exemplary ideas and daily practice. In particular, goals, methods, and perspective should be discussed, as well as exploring possible transfers in practice. With the Best-Practices Teaching Symposium, the university wishes to emphasize that excellent teaching practices are a ­pivotal component and a central element of the university’s public profile. The event is directed at educators, students, and employees of the university, who both present and can learn about current projects in the course of the one-day event, as well as providing a forum for those who wish to discuss the current teaching situation openly and constructively.

Guided by a central topic, keynote speakers, podium discussions, round tables, DisQspaces, and poster sessions provide input on what constitutes “good” teaching; they also present innovative teaching concepts, as well as providing impetus for discussions of hot topics for everyday teaching practice at the UPB. Prizes for “Innovation and Quality in Teaching”, the “Innovation Prize for Students”, the didactic qualification certifications for higher education, and the “E-Learning Label” are also awarded as part of the event.

This year’s Best-Practices Teaching Symposium took place on 15 January 2019. You can find additional information here.

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