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Aktuell: Tutor*innen-Schulung im Wintersemester 2021/2022

Der aktuelle Durchgang der Tutor*innen-Qualifizierung startet am 08.10.2021. Er wird in einem Blended Learning Format (ein PANDA-Kurs und Videokonferenzen) und damit komplett online angeboten. Mit diesem Format haben wir in den vergangenen Semestern bereits gute Erfahrungen gesammelt. In unserer Schulung bieten wir auch Ideen, Hilfe und Rat rund um die Onlinelehre an. Die Kernthemen der Tutor*innen-Schulung, wie: Planung eines Tutoriums, Aktivierende Methoden im Tutorium, Umgang mit Gruppen, Präsentieren und Visualisieren sind ansonsten zentrale Bestandteile der Schulung.

Qualifying for Tutorship

Student tutors have been employed for decades at German universities. Paderborn University is no exception; they are a valuable element of university academics here as well. Their didactic qualification is, therefore, a topic of particular importance for us.

Tutors offer newer students, who are early in their studies, not only content knowledge, but also a valuable chance to interact with (older) students from higher semesters. Additionly, tutors can also support even more advanced students in mastering the challenges of their course of study.

Since 2011, the UPB has been offering the university-wide tutor certification “T-Cert”. This ensures didactic training suitable for a student tutor position. The training offerings, focusing on didactic approaches in higher education, are offered and conducted by trained facilitators (“Multipliers”). The HEDU and University Didactics is happy to support you in…

  • Generating a professional development/training concept for tutors
  • Advising tutors on didactic questions or issues related to their subject
  • Conducting individual workshops
  • Accrediting existing or newly created professional development/training programs for tutors (certification “T-Cert”)
  • Organizing professional development/training for and in coordination with other involved, interested parties (Tutor Network [Netzwerk Tutor*innen] at the University of Paderborn)

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Contact Person

Ulrike Trier

Higher Education Development Office

Qualifying for Tutorship, Train-the-Trainer-Program

Ulrike Trier
+49 5251 60-4399

Office hours:

nach Vereinbarung

The University for the Information Society