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E-Learning Educators Wanted!

We are looking for educators at the University of Paderborn who are interested in employing elements of e-learning in their course(s) and who want to make use of e-tutors in their teaching.


The e-tutors should help to develop an e-learning concept for a course and to follow it through for the full semester. This e-concept should be an offering for students that does not replace the in-person event, but rather optimizes communicative, organizational, or methodical processes.

What are e-Tutors?

The e-tutors who will support you are students who have been qualified through our e-tutors program. When you choose to work with our e-tutors, they have already completed the first training phase and possess a didactic and technical foundation for developing e-learning concepts.

You can find additional information about the e-tutor training program here.

What can you expect?

Together with one e-tutor, you will plan an e-learning concept for your seminar roughly 2 weeks before the semester starts. The e-tutors will implement and accompany the e-learning concept over the course of the semester in close coordination with you. At the end of the semester, we will ask you to evaluate, using a survey, the cooperation and the effectiveness of e-learning in your course. There are no costs associated with the e-tutor program for you or your department.

How to apply?

To ensure that e-tutors are distributed as effectively as possible throughout prospective courses, we ask for a short email from you in which you signalize your willingness for active participation in the program. So that we can contact e-tutors with the necessary familiarity with the appropriate faculty/subject area as soon as possible, we also ask for the following information in your email:

  • last name, first name; academic title
  • faculty, institute, subject area, chair/professor
  • Course
  • any previous experience with e-learning

Please send the email to iris.neiske(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de

Questions about the e-tutors program can be addressed to iris.neiske(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de


Contact person

Iris Neiske

Higher Education Development Office

E-Learning and Learning Technologies; Workshops and Advice, especially about digital and blended learning

Iris Neiske
+49 5251 60-4322

Office hours:

nach Vereinbarung
sowohl vor Ort als auch Online mit Adobe Connect

The University for the Information Society