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Certification Program – Professional Teaching Competency for Higher Education

“Professional Teaching Competency for Higher Education” is the University of Paderborn’s further education program for the tertiary level. It is compatible with the state-wide “Network for the Didactics of Higher Education” (Netzwerk Hochschuldidaktik NRW) and is guided by national and international standards for the professionalization of teaching competence in further and higher education.

The program is designed to be completed while working as a member of teaching staff or professor; completion of the modularized curriculum is awarded with an state-wide recognized certification of suitability for educational careers – a hiring criterion that is explicitly cited in Section 36 (P1) of the Higher Education Act of NRW (Hochschulgesetz NRW). Hence, this certificate is a concrete way to increase your chances of a career in higher education. You have the opportunity to develop and to implement new, innovative methods in your university courses, and therefore to make an important contribution to the excellent quality of learning and teaching (information in German) at the University of Paderborn.

You can find an initial overview of the certification program on the following pages. You are, of course, also welcome to contact us at any time with questions about or simply interest in the program!


Judith Osthushenrich

Higher Education Development Office

Educational Development, Teaching Award, Consultation Service

Judith Osthushenrich
+49 5251 60-4264

Office hours:

You can currently reach me by email or by phone after arrangement.

Detailed consultations take place via Zoom.

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