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Good teaching and innovative formats develop in an appropriate climate and especially through the exchange and support of like-minded people. At least as important, however, is the open critical and theory-based examination of current "trends" or "classics" in teaching, as well as measures aimed at the development, documentation and dissemination of specialist and general didactic concepts (learning scenarios).

For this reason, the working group was founded as an innovative teaching platform for the exchange of actors in the field of university teaching. This seems to be a worthwhile measure to network already active teachers and to deal openly, critically and theoretically with ideas and concepts of 'good' and 'innovative' teaching. Through this networking, guiding ideas and concepts of good/innovative teaching can be multiplied as well as interdisciplinary teaching (research) projects can be initiated.

Target Group

The target group are all teachers at the University of Paderborn who are interested in teaching development/-innovation. Participation is personal, representatives cannot be sent.


The “AG Innovative Lehre” meets twice a semester. The dates and topics are coordinated in the previous session.

Mitglied werden

Ein Eintritt in die AG ist immer zum jährlich stattfindenden Tag der Lehre (der zumeist im Mai stattfindet) möglich. Neue Mitglieder sind herzlich willkommen, gerne hätten wir im Zuge Ihrer Interessensbekundung einige Informationen von Ihnen.


Prof. Dr. Rebekka Schmidt

Institut für Kunst / Musik / Textil > Kunst > Kunstdidaktik mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Inklusion 

F : 60-3459



Dr. Nerea Vöing

Stabsstelle Bildungsinnovationen und Hochschuldidaktik 

F: 60-3332
M: nerea.voeing(at)upb(dot)de

The University for the Information Society