Teaching Award for the Next Generation in Academia

The university leadership sends out a call every year for nominations for the Teaching Award for young academics in order to recognize outstanding achievement in teaching and student advising and support. The prize is intended to publicize the particular importance of training and qualification of the next generation of staff in higher education, and is also intended to offer an effective incentive for this generation to become invested in “good” teaching at the tertiary level as a career choice. At the same time, the Teaching Award contributes to strengthening and promoting the further development of the profile and the guiding principle of the university. The goal of Teaching Award at the University of Paderborn is to publicly recognize teaching concepts and methods of a truly outstanding and exemplary nature.

In addition to publicly recognizing engagement and achievement in the field of teaching, the prize focuses on the concrete development, implementation, and evaluation of teaching concepts.

The prize acknowledges outstanding achievement in teaching and student advising and support in undergraduate and master-level study programs at the University of Paderborn. The prize is awarded for significant contributions and/or exceptional engagement in the successful development and implementation/concretization of qualitatively trailblazing

  • (innovative) course formats,
  • new teaching and learning materials (including e-learning),
  • concepts for transfer between theory and practice,
  • concepts for student advising and support, as well as
  • additional means of improving the quality of study programs and teaching.

An emphasis on one of the above-mentioned features is desirable. Achievements in traditional, time-honored forms of teaching and advising can also be selected based on their outstanding quality.

Young and aspiring academics at the University of Paderborn are encouraged to nominate themselves for the prize (in particular both permanent and contract academic staff, doctoral and post-doc students, part-time teaching staff, junior professors, and teams under the leadership of non-professorial teaching staff). Each candidate may only receive the prize once. Applications can be submitted by individuals or by groups who can document outstanding achievements in teaching and student support. Candidates for the prize can also be nominated by third parties in reasonable cases. Any member of the University of Paderborn community may nominate a candidate.

The prize is endowed with € 15 000. Up to three prizes can be awarded in one year. The use of the prize money is unrestricted.

The prize has the goal of recognizing the broadest possible variety of teaching concepts and long-term sustainable achievement in teaching and student advising and support; for that reason, in addition to the formal criteria (see submission form), the prize is also awarded based on the following substantive criteria:


  • innovation and quality improvement in teaching (such as improving the teaching situation, …)
  • holistic didactic concept, especially student support and advising (such as defined learning outcomes, promoting key competencies,…)
  • transfer between theory and practice (such as linking theoretical contents with practical examples, presenting use cases, …)
  • demonstrated success (such as student evaluations, reaching learning goals, …)
  • propect of broader use of concept (such as using the idea in other subjects, making changes and improvements in response to evaluations, …)
  • additional criteria, including relevance for research, diversity, internationalization, inter-disciplinarity (such as considering diversity in teaching, relation to other subjects, …)


Der Preis wird jährlich auf dem Tag der Lehre der Universität Paderborn vergeben. Schriftliche Bewerbungen (ausgefülltes Formblatt zum Antrag sowie die dort eingeforderten Bewerbungsunterlagen) für das Jahr 2023 sind vom 03. April bis einschließlich 11. August 2023 (Ausschlussfrist) erbeten. Die Antragsstellung erfolgt durch die Bewerber*innen selbst, es kann maximal ein Antrag pro Bewerber*in eingereicht werden. Gerne können Sie auch Personen zur Bewerbung ermuntern; Empfehlungsschreiben von anderen Personen können der Bewerbung beigefügt werden.

Lehrprojekte, die bereits mit einem anderen Lehrpreis o.ä. ausgezeichnet wurden, können nicht berücksichtigt werden.

Die Bewerbungsanträge (Formblätter, Unterlagen und Anhang) sind jeweils in elektronischer Form (in einer pdf-Datei mit max. 8 MB) unter hochschuldidaktik(at)upb.de einzureichen. Für Rückfragen steht Ihnen Judith Osthushenrich gern zur Verfügung.

Verspätet eingehende oder unvollständige Bewerbungen können nicht berücksichtigt werden. Auf Grundlage der Projektskizzen und der o.g. Kriterien wird von einer Kommission in einem mehrstufigen Verfahren eine Auswahl getroffen.

Für die Auswahlkommission
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Schöppner
Vizepräsident für Lehre, Studium und Qualitätsmanagement

Lehrpreisträger*innen Veranstaltung
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Gerholz Economics Citizenship Education
Jan Peter Herbst & Stefanie Jäger Stilkopien – Seminarübergreifendes Projekt
Dr. Wolfgang Reinhardt Future Social Learning Networks

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