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Change of Perspective.

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Advice service for (expectant) parents

The Family Services Office offers the following advice and support services for (expectant) employed and student parents: 

  • Help planning and arranging childcare to best suit each family’s specific needs
  • Advice on childcare options in Paderborn and the surrounding area
  • Assistance arranging childminders (in cooperation with youth welfare offices), babysitters and ‘substitute grannies’
  • Advice for (expectant) employed parents: maternity leave, parental leave and parental allowance
  • Advice for (expectant) student parents: financial support options, parental allowance, German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) and study-related regulations
  • Holiday camps during school holidays offered through the Equal Opportunities Office
  • “Paderborn Uni Kids” (PUKi) short-term childcare service

Advice services for caregivers

The Family Services Office offers advice on balancing caregiving and work/studies and provides an initial overview of support options and respite services in the Paderborn area.

It provides information on the following: 

  • German Caregiver Leave Act (PflegeZG) and other leave of absence options
  • Organisation of working time (alternating telecommuting, flexitime, part-time employment)
  • Nursing care insurance benefits
  • Everyday support options (e.g. day care, outpatient community services, short-term care and voluntary services)
  • Further advice and support services in the Paderborn area

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