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Filing a Complaint at the University of Paderborn

Paderborn University has introduced a two-stage complaint process:

Confidential Counselling (informal procedure):
Counselling at one of the official available locations at the university – General Student Council (AStA), Head Equal Opportunities OfficerEmployee representativesDisabled persons representativeStudent Consultation Center, – or external counselling by (e.g.) the women’s counselling center Lilith (Frauenberatungsstelle Lilith e. V., information only available in German) is strictly confidential. These locations can also refer a case to another counselling location if necessary. The counsellors will also support a victim in filing an official complaint if that person desires to do so. If the victim does not fully agree with taking additional steps, no further action will be taken and the case will remain strictly confidential!

Complaints Body (formal procedure):
According to sec. 13 of the General Act on Equal Treatment (Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetzes (AGG), in English), employees have the right to complain to the appropriate authorities at their workplace if they are discriminated, wronged or disadvantaged due to one or more of the reasons listed in sec. 1 of the law (race, ethnicity, sex, religion, political or personal philosophy, disability, age, sexual identity).

For the purpose of section 13 of the General Act on Equal Treatment, the complaints body is the Human Resources (HR) Division at Paderborn University (Personaldezernat).

As part of the formal procedure, the complaint is either presented to the department in writing or officially recorded in writing by them. The department then has to determine all facts of the situation. In the case of misconduct, HR as to report the results to the university president; and, if necessary, take any of the additional steps required as listed under section 12 of the General Act on Equal Treatment (in English).

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