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Change of Perspective.

Photo: Paderborn University

Information for applicants

­­Applications are open to students pursuing a degree from all faculties and all semesters who are enrolled at UPB in the current semester and who are having financial difficulties due to the current corona pandemic. To receive the scholarship, students must have studied regularly or their performance must indicate that they will be able to successfully finish their studies. There is no legal entitlement to a grant and whether a student receives the scholarship depends, among other things, on the availability of funds.

The grant amounts to up to 450 euro per application (one-time financial grant). In exceptional cases it is possible to apply twice.

Selection process: A decision on the applications received is made weekly. After the decision, the applicants will be informed by e-mail. 

Members of the awarding committee: Board of Directors of the Universitätsgesellschaft, Prof. Dr. Birgitt Riegraf, President of Paderborn University, Sharlene Frammelsberger, Chairwoman of the AStA

!!! Application: Please use the following online application form (in German) and enclose the following documents. Applicants cannot submit applications or additional documents vie e-mail. Please note: We can only accept and assess online applications that include all obligatory documents. Incomplete applications will be denied. 

  • Certificate of enrolment for the winter semester 2020/2021 (mandatory)
  • BAföG approval notification or refusal (not mandatory)
  • Written onfirmation by the former employer that the student worked on a regular basis and has now lost the job due to corona crisis (mandatory) or explicit proof of corona induced unsuccessfull job search.
  • Complete official account statements of all accounts of the past three months from the date of application (Please make sure, that the current bank balance is visible and everything is legible. If it is not documented who the account owner is or if the statements are not complete, your application will be denied. Note: Account owner must be the applicant himself.) (mandatory)
  • Documents that show the student’s study performance (mandatory)

Any questions? Send us an e-mail: universitaetsgesellschaft(at)upb(dot)de

Declaration of consent under data protection law:  The Universitätsgesellschaft Paderborn takes the protection of your personal data very seriously  and adheres to the rules of data protection laws.You can find detailed information in the following document (in German). 

The University for the Information Society