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Paderborn University in February 2023 Show image information

Paderborn University in February 2023

Photo: Paderborn University, Hannah Brauckhoff

Degree Program Design and Accreditation

Department 3 of the Central University Administration advises and offers information to the pre-defined framework and requirements when starting and developing a course of study and during (re-) accreditation.

The Higher Education Development Unit (HEDU) for Innovation in Education and University Didactics offers supplementary support when first creating or when revising module handbooks and, for example, when formulating learning outcomes (more information here).

Additional materials on the topics of formulating learning outcomes and modularized degree programs can be found on the website of Project Nexus from the German Rectors’ Conference (project information in German; see in particular issues of the publication “nexus impulse für die Praxis”).


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