Faculty Teaching Awards

There are several teaching awards at the University of Paderborn that are awarded directly within the teaching faculties and/or by the corresponding student representatives.

A&H: Prize for Oustanding Teaching in the Arts and Humanities

The Prize for Outstanding Teaching in the Arts and Humanities is awarded by the student body from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

The prize is awarded yearly at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities by the student body from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities for exemplary teaching and particular engagement.

One member of non-professorial academic staff as well as one professor are suggested by students and selected in a vote.

CSEEM: Weierstraß-Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Each year, the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics awards the Weierstraß-Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

The Weierstraß-Prize is awarded every year. There are two prizes, one awarded to a course instructor and one awarded to a tutor/lab instructor. The awarding of the prize is determined by a jury. The prices include a monetary award for the instructor and for the tutor/lab instructor. The prizes are awarded every year as part of the graduation ceremony (previously known as the “Faculty Day” [Tag der Fakultät]).

Additional information can be found (in German) at: https://www.eim.uni-paderborn.de/fakultaet/studium/studienangebot/weierstrass-preis/


ME: the “HEDGEHOG” (IGEL) – Teaching Award from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The HEDGEHOG (IGEL) is the award for outstanding achievement in teaching and personal engagement on behalf of students. This commendation is awarded every year as part of the faculty’s Semester Social Wrap-Up (SSOW, German: SAU) by the faculty’s student representative (Fachschaft Maschinenbau).


Sci: The Golden Chalk

The Golden Chalk is a commendation awarded by the students to instructors who offer especially good courses. As part of the student evaluations, each student has the chance to anonymously “nominate” their favorite instructor. The student advising council from the Physics Department (Fachschaftsrat Physik) is in charge of tallying these nominations and awarding the prize. The recipient of the prize is always announced at the Physics Winter Social, where the prize is also handed out.

BAE: Teaching Award of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics for Particular Engagement in Education

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics allows instructors to apply for their Teaching Award as a way to recognize excellent achievements in teaching and education. The prize is intended to provide positive encouragement for instructors to become actively invested in good higher education, and thus to contribute to the strengthening of academic and teaching quality at the University of Paderborn. In addition to recognizing engagement and high achievement in teaching, the prize pays particular attention to outstanding engagement in the further development of academics and teaching.

Additional information can be found here: https://wiwi.uni-paderborn.de/studium/erfolgreich-studieren/erfolgreich-studieren/lehrpreis/