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Jenny-Aloni-Haus at Paderborn University

Each year Paderborn University hosts numerous international scientists and guest researchers who are visiting Paderborn for a short research trip. In the Summer of 1989 Paderborn University established the Jenny-Aloni-Haus which provides overnight accommodation for up to eight guests and houses the IBZ (Internationales Begegnungszemtrum), an on-campus international meeting place.
Although the apartments are reserved exclusively for guest researchers, the IBZ offers a space for academic meetings and university events with an international character.  

Further information about accommodation in the guest house and the IBZ at Paderborn University can be found on our webpage.


Guesthouse Apartments

Please note: The Jenny-Aloni Guesthouse is available for Scientists only. Reservation requests can only be made through the faculties and cannot be arranged for students.

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