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A book reading in auditorium G Show image information
Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax” Show image information
Studying in the O building Show image information
The foyer with the Service Center Show image information

A book reading in auditorium G

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax”

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Studying in the O building

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

The foyer with the Service Center


After your arrival, the first point of reference should be the International Office. As you need some time to find accomodation and because of orientation programs für new students which take place before the regular semester start, you should arrive in Paderborn at least one week before the beginning of the semester.

All of the necessary documents for the enrollment are listed in your Notice of Admission, please read it carefully and, if possible, hand it in completely as this saves a lot of time. For the enrollment please at least bring along the following:

  1. Your passport with a valid residence permit for academic studies
  2. Proof of payment of the semester fee (304,53 € incl. semester ticket for NRW) 
  3. Health insurance certificate
  4. One passport photo
  5. Your filled out matriculation application form


1.  Students from countries outside the EU require a study visa (or another long-term stay permit) for enrollment. You can acquire the said visa at the German Consulate or the German Embassy in your home country. For any information about the regulations of your home country, please contact one of the two aforementioned institutions. 

3.  Health Insurance: In order to be able to enroll, you need to present proof you have obtained membership in a German health insurance. You can arrange a membership with your Notice of Admission. In the event you are not able to or do not want to be covered by a German health insurance, the latter will give you a document of relief. If you come from an EU member state or a country with which appropriate agreements have been made, you may use your present health insurance services without having to take out the mandatory German student health insurance. To benefit from this arrangement, please bring along the equivalent insurance form of your home health insurance.

EU member states:  EU health card, E106, E109, E120, E121

Turkey: A/T11, A/T9, A/T21

Tunisia: A/TN11, A/TN9, A/TN2

This arrangement is only possible if you are covered by a health insurance in your home country.  Please keep in mind that family health insurance ends with the age of 25, adding the years spent in military or civil service. This regulation only applies to family-insured children, not to married couples.

If you are not from an EU member state, you should be covered by a German health insurance during your stay.

We strongly recommend gathering information about the respective services of health insurance in your home country. Afterwards, you have to register at the local authorities (office for register of residence and foreigners` registration office).

Please be sure to keep the International Office up to date regarding any changes in address to guarantee that you will receive all the necessary information from us.

Once you have completed the administrative steps, we are certain you will have a pleasant stay in Paderborn and will collect many interesting experiences during your studies. 

The University for the Information Society