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Changes to the Online Learning Agreement

If you want to make changes to your online learning agreement during your stay abroad, log into with your IMT account at

Important: Changes to the Online Learning Agreement can only be made if both the recognition officer of the Paderborn University and the recognition officer of the receiving institution have signed or rejected the online learning agreement.

Only then the word "Apply Changes" (formerly "Edit") will appear, as shown in the following screenshot.


By pressing the button "Add Component FInal Table A2" courses can be added to your Learning Agreement.

It is not possible to add/modify or delete courses in Table A.

The same rules apply to Table B2 and Table C2.


Changes that you make to the Online Learning Agreement are only entered in the "Changes to the Learning Agreement" area - see the following screenshot.


As soon as you have made all changes and signed the Online Learning Agreement, the recognition officer at the Paderborn University and the recognition officer at the receiving institution will check your online learning agreement and accept or reject it with their signature.

In your interest, we ask you to fill out the Online Learning Agreement carefully and conscientiously in order to ensure that it is processed quickly.

Important Notes

The courses taken at the partner university must have a scope of at least 24 ECTS per semester. This can also include non-subject-related courses (language courses, seminars on local culture, etc.).

After the mobility, you must be able to prove (via your ToR) that you have successfully completed at least 15 ECTS per semester at the partner university. If this is not the case, you may have to pay back your Erasmus+ grant.

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