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A book reading in auditorium G Show image information
Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax” Show image information
Studying in the O building Show image information
The foyer with the Service Center Show image information

A book reading in auditorium G

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax”

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Studying in the O building

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

The foyer with the Service Center

Why Paderborn

Why study in Paderborn?

  • Paderborn is a very safe city with a low crime rate. With a population of approximately 150,000 people, the city is middle-large which means you can quickly orientate yourself, but many of the offerings of a big city are also available.
  • Despite its long history and traditions, Paderborn is modern and, especially in the last few decades, has developed into a focal point for information technology.
  • The University of Paderborn has approximately 20,000 students and offers a wide variety of subjects. You can choose activities and events that interest you from the 5 available faculties. You can find courses in English language mainly in the departments of Business, English language/American studies, Information Technology, Physics, and Electrical Engineering.
  • You have the choice between different German courses which are all offered at a variety of levels. The courses can be chosen with great flexibility: you can start every quarter with a German course and then continue with your area of study courses, or attend another German course. You have the choice of arriving directly at the start of the semester, or alternatively arrive 4 weeks before the lecture period and start with a German crash course.
  • In Paderborn, we put a lot of effort in assisting our exchange students. For example, exchange students have the possibility to have a Paderborn student as a German “buddy. “ The buddy helps at the beginning of the study abroad with the bureaucratic and administrative steps and with generally getting familiar with Paderborn and the University.
  • The Studentenwerk (student services) is happy to help with the search for accommodation and if needed, place you in a furnished room (link to Studierendenwerk, contact: Mr. Schmelter). You have the possibility to live with German and international students in a shared apartment or by yourself in a private apartment or house. The cost of living in Paderborn is comparatively low.
  • It is very easy to meet people in Paderborn, especially at Eurobiz, a volunteer student organization that regularly meets with all exchange students. Eurobiz organizes numerous excursions and parties for exchange students during the semester that enjoy great popularity.
  • From Paderborn you can easily get to know Germany and many other places in Europe. With the semester ticket, which costs about 320 euros for the whole semester, you can use all busses and regional trains in Paderborn and the federal state of Northrhein-Westfalia for free; including cities such as Cologne, Aachen, and Bonn. Paderborn Airport has connections to many interesting European cities and Dortmund and Dusseldorf Airport are within easy reach.

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