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PAUL user guides

Guide: Sending system messages

The guide to “Sending system messages” provides an overview of how to send system messages in PAUL.

It describes in particular how to send messages in PAUL to your course participants and how to check whether these messages have been read by the recipients.

Guide to sending system messages (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Anleitung: Prüfungsverwaltung

Die Anleitung zur Prüfungsverwaltung gibt Ihnen einen Überblick über Ihre Aufgaben bei der Prüfungsverwaltung mit PAUL.

Beschrieben wird insbesondere, wie Sie sich aus PAUL heraus Teilnehmerlisten Ihrer Prüfungen erstellen können und wie die Noten in PAUL einzutragen sind.

Anleitung Prüfungsverwaltung (PDF, 1,5 MB)

Guide: Importing grades from Excel

If you do not want to enter all of your grades online in PAUL, you have the option of importing files with the grades into PAUL. However, these files must have a specific format  for PAUL to be able to interpret the data correctly.

This guide explains how, from PAUL, you can create the right tables in .txt format with the names and matriculation numbers of your students, edit the tables in Excel, and then import the completed tables back into PAUL as .txt files

Once they have been imported successfully, you first need to save the grades in PAUL. Please do not forget to then release the grades, as only then will they be published.

Export/Import Guide (PDF: 1.3 MB)

Any questions?

You can find the answers to a number of questions in our FAQ for teaching staff.

Otherwise please contact the Course manager responsible or the PAUL Hotline for teaching staff.