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How many courses can I register for?

In principle, students can take courses totalling a maximum of 44 ECTS credits per semester (Faculty of Business Administration and Economics - 45 ECTS credits - info page).

Please also note the following information when planning your semester:

  • A bachelor’s degree programme usually equates to 180 ECTS credits, i.e. an average of 30 ECTS credits per semester. In principle, however, students can take modules/courses totalling a maximum of 44 ECTS credits per semester (Faculty of Business Administration and Economics - 45 ECTS credits - info page).
  • Students wishing to take more courses/modules in addition must apply to the PAUL support team for an exception using the form supplied before the start of the relevant registration period (1st and 2nd registration period and/or revision period). Students must provide a reason why exceeding the limit is particularly important for their individual studies and how they intend to cope with the high volume of work. Please also note any course or faculty-specific regulations in this respect. The request must be submitted in the PAUL letterbox on Level A 2.053.
  • Within each registration period, applications for permission to depart from the regulations (exemption request) and exceed the ECTS credit limit may be approved only if reasons are presented which were not already known before the 1st/2nd registration period.
  • Students are asked to register for modules/courses in compliance with the designated credit limit. However, one week before the end of the respective registration period, any students who have exceeded this credit limit will be informed of this by the relevant course manager, by email to their IMT email address, and asked to deregister from certain modules/courses in order to comply with the credit limit in place.
  • If the total number of credits for the modules/courses registered for exceeds the maximum limit of 44 ECTS credits (Faculty of Business Administration and Economics - 45 ECTS credits - info page) after the end of the respective registration period and no exemption request has been approved, the modules/courses most recently registered for may be automatically removed from PAUL (by the deans’ offices) until the total number of ECTS credits is less than or equal to 44. Any modules/courses removed cannot be reactivated.
  • The credits listed in the course overview in PAUL apply when calculating the number of ECTS credits. For Faculty of Business Administration and Economics courses, the credits listed in the module overview (info page) apply.
  • All courses of the Faculty of Cultural Studies are credited with a flat rate of 3 ECTS, irrespective of the respective achievement you wish to take. Pending registrations are not taken into account when applying the 44 ECTS rule.


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