Application to set up a representative

If you, as a member of teaching staff, would like to be supported by a representative in administering your courses and examinations in PAUL, please use the application form. The application is to be signed by the member of teaching staff, the named representative and the Dean’s office and then sent by internal mail to Department 6 (room H2.103).

  • These rights cannot be transferred to a student, in other words, they cannot be transferred to an undergraduate assistant or research assistant.
  • One person can be a representative for multiple people.
  • Each member of teaching staff can nominate max. 2 people as their PAUL representatives. Rights can be transferred for a fixed period only, but this is not mandatory.

Application to set up a representative
(Please send the application by internal mail to Department 6 (room H2.103))

Alternatively, you can be supported by course assistants who do not have access to examination administration or grades.

By assigning one of these roles you transfer some of your rights to the person assigned, but as the member of teaching staff you remain responsible for the carrying out of the tasks, and remain able to perform all of the tasks yourself.