Information for representatives and course assistants

Representatives and course assistants can perform certain tasks in PAUL on behalf of members of teaching staff.

Description of representative role

Description of course assistant role

Representatives’ access to examination and course administration

1. Log onto the PAUL Web portal using your Uni account (IMT account). Screenshot
Access your personal homepage. Screenshot

2. Click the Service button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and then, in the left hand menu, on the Representative button.Screenshot.

3. Select the person for whom you want to act as a representative and select the relevant task (Examinations / Examinations with individual examiner or Course). Screenshot

  • Select Examinations to create examination lists or to enter grades and examination dates.
  • Select Examinations with individual examiner to enter grades and examination dates for specific examinations (for example in the discontinued teacher training course or for substitute examinations).
    You can also see here which candidates are registered for a final dissertation.
  • Choose Candidate search to search for an examination candidate. Here you can search for examination candidates in the examinations for which you are a representative.
    The results list includes all examinations in which the person you are searching for is registered as a candidate.
  • Click Events to edit a course synopsis, upload course materials or to create and answer PAUL messages.

4. You can now perform tasks on behalf of this member of teaching staff. Screenshot: “Examinations”


Any questions? You can contact the PAUL support team using the contact form

Or send an e-mail to paul(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de