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Help for representatives and course assistants

Representatives and course assistants can take over certain tasks from teachers in PAUL.

Role description representative

Role description course assistant


Access of the representatives to the examination and course management

1. log in to the PAUL web portal with your university account (IMT account). Screenshot

You will then be taken to your personal homepage. Screenshot

2. click on the Service button in the upper menu and then on the representative button in the left menu. Screenshot

3. decide for which person you would like to work on which task and select this task (exams / exams with individual examiner or event) accordingly. Screenshot

  • Select Exams to create examination lists or to enter grades and examination dates.
  • Select examinations with individual examiners to enter grades and examination dates for certain examinations (e.g. in the old teaching profession or for representative examinations).
  • Here you can also see which candidates are registered for a final thesis.
  • Select Search for candidates if you want to search for an examination candidate. Here you have the option of searching for candidates in the examinations in which you are registered as a representative.
  • As a result, all examinations in which the person you are looking for is registered as a participant will be displayed.
  • Select events to edit an event comment, upload materials or create and reply to PAUL messages.

4. you can now perform this task instead of this teacher. Screenshot: "Exams"


Do you have any questions? You can reach the PAUL support via the contact form

Or you can write an informal e-mail to paul(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de

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