Reasons for studying at Paderborn University

A compact campus where you find lecture halls, students‘ services and leisure time facilities close together –  that’s Paderborn University! Indulge yourself in a wide variety of cultural and sports activities or enjoy excellent catering at our cafés and dining halls. Do you want to explore Paderborn’s historic city center? No problem, it’s within walking distance!

At Paderborn University no tuition fees are charged for degree programs. The German state covers the costs for Higher Education Institutions. You will have to pay a semester contribution of approximately 300€ which includes a semester ticket for local public transportation within North Rhine-Westphalia. That means you can take a train to cities like Cologne or Bonn for free! Very useful if you want to travel around but also if you simply want to go to the campus by bus.

Your student ID card also entitles you to enjoy subsidized meals at the dining halls on Campus and numerous concessions for students (e.g. at Museums, cinemas, bars, …)!

Good to know: Not only the study costs, but also living expenses are very reasonable in Paderborn. So our students can put more energy in learning instead of earning!

Paderborn is a safe and open-minded city. It is not only appreciated for its low crime rate and its peacefulness but also for its intercultural diversity and fun events.

With about 150.000 residents Paderborn is small enough so you don’t get lost but big enough to find many cultural activities. Have you ever heard of „Libori“? It’s a huge festival in Paderborn featuring a fun fair, many booths that offer culinary specialties, music and dancing. Many people wouldn’t miss it for the world. You might feel the same after attending!

We provide excellent support for international students. With different possibilities for personal consultation and the organization of intercultural events our University offers a diverse environment.

Around 2,000 international students from different places around the world are studying at Paderborn University! No wonder we have enthusiastic student organizations like ASV or Eurobiz and an International Office that has been rated excellently in the last international student barometer. Come and join us!

Multimedia-based lecture halls, individual study places and a library with long opening hours are awaiting you! Currently we are constructing a new service building for you, which will extend the library even more.

All over campus you can find places where students can gather to create, study, and discuss. German universities are renowned for encouraging their students’ self-sufficiency and allowing students to plan their own academic program. In addition to that at Paderborn University we embrace your individual ideas and support you in doing research and creating new knowledge that matters.

Right on campus as well as nearby you can find modern student dorms provided by the Studierendenwerk Paderborn. However, you should apply soon because the rooms and apartments are in great demand!

For those who decide against moving in one of the dorms there is accommodation at comparably low cost available in the city. No matter where you move – Paderborn has a good infrastructure when it comes to facilities like grocery stores, medical care and gastronomy.

Many successful companies and „hidden champions“ are based close to Paderborn. Hence Paderborn University has close cooperations with local and international industries.


The computer pioneer Heinz Nixdorf started his business long ago but until now the IT sector plays an important role in Paderborn which makes it a region driven by innovation. That’s why we have established support structures for entrepreneurship (TecUp). Close to the Campus you’ll find offices of young and successful start-ups. You want to start your own business? Paderborn is a very good place to do so!

Paderborn is in the middle of Europe. That makes it easy to travel different places all around Europe. There are plenty of fascinating destinations at your doorstep! Have you ever been to Amsterdam, the North Sea or Italy? Go for it!

Right in the middle of the city you find a wonderful place: the Paderquellgebiet. It’s where the river Pader rises. A recreational area with crystal clear water, green grass and beautiful flowers that attracts many students on sunny days.

Outside the city nature lovers can take a hike through the Teutoburg Forest or the Senne, a heath right next to the city. Take a swim in one of the beautiful lakes close to Paderborn or stroll through the beautiful palace garden of Schloss Neuhaus.

We are sure that you will find new adventures and stunning views nearby!

Get prepared for a German taught degree program with our DSH courses or study one of our International Master Programs which conducted in English. While studying in English we are offering you German courses during the semester and the semester break as well! For those of you who have already some or good knowledge of German we are offering tandem programs so you can improve your German with native speakers.

If your school diploma does not entitle you to directly enter a German Higher Education Institution, you can apply at the International Foundation College for a preparatory course.