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Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax” Show image information
Studying in the O building Show image information
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A book reading in auditorium G

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax”

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Studying in the O building

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

The foyer with the Service Center

NRWege scholarships for students - News

The application process for scholarships in 2022 will be announced soon.

Beginning for Study grants: 01.01.2022 (duration of 12 months)
Beginning for Entry-level scholarships: 01.04.2022 (duration for max. 6 months)
Beginning for Completion scholarships: 01.04.2022 (duration for max. 6 months)

Please find further information below under "application".

Scholarships for students

General Information

From the winter semester 20/21 onwards, degree-seeking students with refugee backgrounds will also be able to apply for scholarships from the DAAD NRWege funding program.

The scholarships are divided into three different funding groups:

  •  Entry-level scholarships (only for students in the 1st semester / 850€ per month)  
  • Study grants (for students from the 2nd semester to 5th semester / 400€ per month)  
  • Completion scholarship (for degree-seeking students in the final phase / 400€ per month)

If the standard period of study is exceeded, a scholarship can still be granted in justified cases.


Interested students should send their complete application by email with all the necessary documents as one single PDF-document to io-nrwege(at)zv.upb(dot)de.

You can also put your application documents in the mailbox on the first floor in the I-department building. Please also label your envelope with the keyword "Application NRWege schorlarship degree students 2021" 

Please note the submission deadlines. The application time for all scholarships in 2021 is closed.

Required documents (everybody):  
- Short curriculum vitae
- Completed letter of motivation (see download template under "Application")
- Certificate of matriculation
- Official proof of refugee background
- BAföG notification / grant notification from another institution

only necessary for study and completion study grants:

  • copy of your current grades
  • copy of BA certificate with final grade (for applicants in Master programs)
  • official certificate for recommendation (can be written by a professor, academic teacher, suppervisor of final thesis)

only necessary for entry-level schorlarships:

  • copy of your DSH test result (DSH 2 or 3)
Conditions from 2021

From 2021 onwards, specific conditions will apply that are associated with receiving the scholarship.
If the scholarship is accepted, the scholarship holder hast to take part in at least 3 other DAAD arrangements from the NRWege, Integra and Welcome programs. When accepting a study grant of 12 months it adds up to 6 arrangements over the whole year (3 per semester).

  • Offers from NRWege: study-accompanying courses on the subject of "Scientific Writing" / "Specialized Language Training" (starts in April 2021, contact: Maren Schönfelder)
  • Offers from Integra studies and work: workshops, excursions and seminars to prepare for work (contact: Johanna Springhorn)
  • Offers from Welcome:
    - Buddy program, tandem partnership (contact: Dila Cigraksedetmen)
    - Literature project: Empowerment of refugees and german students with literature of individual experiences (contact: Moska Sediqi)

You will receive more detailed information when you receive the scholarship agreement.

BAföG - important information

If you already receive BAföG, the chances of getting a scholarship will be reduced until your individual situation and background has been verified carefully by the commitee.
If you will be accepted for a scholarship and receive BAföG, your scholarship will drop to 300,00 Euro monthly without reference to which kind of scholarship you applied.

It is absolutely necessary to hand in your current BAföG notification when applying for a NRWege scholarship. If you already applied for BAföG but did not get a response until the deadline of the NRWege scholarship, you need to inform us about the ongoing process in the letter of motivation.

If any changes occur with your BAföG funding please inform us asap.


Bitte stellen Sie keine Anfragen mehr bezüglich eines Stipendiums zu Beginn der Oktoberkurse. Es können sich ausschließlich DSH Teilnehmende mit einem gültigen Fluchtnachweis im Erstverfahren bewerben. Schicken Sie bitte keine Bewerbungen an die Flüchtlingskoordination, wenn Sie über ein Sprachvisum o.Ä. am DSH-Kurs teilnehmen. 

"NRWege ins Studium" - News

Since early 2017, Paderborn University participates at the DAAD program "NRWege ins Studium". On the one hand, NRWege funds the attendance of refugees at the university's preparatory German language courses. On the other hand, NRWege allows a sustainable advisory structure for refugees and the coordination of refugee matters within the university as well as regional networking. NRWege is financed by the The Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKW).

Deadline for applications for the DSH-course scholarships in Q4.2021: closed
Please hand in the filled out and signed letter of motivation only via mail to the coordinator of refugees.

DSH course for refugees

Requirements for application

You have...

  • a residence document that documents your refugee background
  • the right to live in the city or in the Paderborn district
  • an access authorization to German universities

Your documents will be checked for enrollement requirements under standard procedures. A first verification will be given by the Informationsportal Anabin der Kultusministerkonferenz.


Please submit a completed application form as well as your certified educational documents and their translations into German or English. Your application should also include a copy of your current residence document. Detailled application information is available on our website. You can submit your application personally during our office hours or through the post. Please make sure that your address is up-to-date, as we will contact you through the post.

Please find information about our further projects and activities for refugees!

NRWege scholarships for the DSH course

Important changes since January 2021: Beginning in 2021 the DAAD will finance significantly fewer places in the DSH courses through the NRWege program than before. A majority of the scholarships will instead be awarded to refugee degree-seeking students. When selecting the scholarship holders (both in the DSH courses and in the course of study), among other things also paid attention to who has previously handled the funding responsibly. For further funding of the DSH course fee, an official application for the NRWege scholarship must be submitted for Q1 starting in January 2021 and for each subsequent quarter that is following.

In future, the application must contain the following attachment:

  •  letter of motivation for the respective quarter (template can be found as a download under "Application")

Only after a positive confirmation of your application will you receive the form for the DSH course fee exemption. In the event of a rejection, the course fee must be payed by yourself. However, there is an option to reapply for the next quarter.

Please send the fully filled in letter of motivation to the refugee coordinator via mail. Only documents that are handed in until the official deadline will be accepted.

Exemption of the semester fee

If you have any questions about the possibility to get an exemption from the semester fee, please email the responsible refugee coordination directly.

The basic requirement for the request for exemption is official proof that no work permit is available. Please inform yourself before the deadline for the semester fee is over!
Claiming an exemption of semester fees past the deadline of the official payment date is not possible.

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