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Photo: International Office - Gebäude I, 4. Etage


Before you leave at the end of your semester abroad, you should take care of the following things:

  • Make sure that all of your Paderborn course achievements are confirmed by your professors. Either confirm this with a “Schein” from your professor with a statement of your final grade and the ECTS credits, or the professor can sign a handwritten processing slip for a transcript that you receive from the International Office.
  • Please hand in your course list and corresponding grades to Ms Struzek in the International Office and inform her if any grades are missing because exam results are still not available. Your transcript will later be sent to your home university as soon as all grades and results have been transmitted.
  • If your university requests it, have the International Office confirm the duration of your study abroad.
  • Please fill out the International Office’s questionnaire about the evaluation of your experience.
  • Give back all borrowed books and materials.
  • Contact your landlord or Hausmeister/janitor and agree on a move-out time, so that you can receive your security deposit back before your departure.
  • Pay all outstanding payments, for example the last month of rent, and close your account at the Sparkasse (or any other bank).
  • Give notice of your departure at the Residence Office of the city of Paderborn where you registered after your arrival.

We wish you a safe return and wonderful memories of Paderborn!

The University for the Information Society