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Welcome Courses (German language courses for asylum seekers)

From November 2015 until late September 2017, Paderborn University has been offering German language courses for asylum seekers on CEFR level A1 and A2. These Welcome Courses were free of charge and designed especially for asylum seekers in the district of Paderborn, whose asylum procedure was still running and who already at this point wished to engage themselves actively in the university environment because they were interested in future studies. The courses were funded by the refugee program "Integra" (DAAD/BMBF).

Currently, we do not offer further Welcome Courses. Instead, asylum seekers who live in or close to Paderborn as well as refugees with residence permit are welcome to apply directly for our regular preparatory German language courses which prepare for the DSH (German language proficiency certificate for university entrance). We offer course levels from A2 - C1 CEFR. Asylum seekers and refugees can generally generally attend free of charge, as their attendance is funded by the refugee programm "NRWege ins Studium" (DAAD/MKW).

Requirements for application: You are asylum seeker in the district of Paderborn or refugee with a safe perspective to stay in Germany and your educational documents prove that you are qualified to study at a German university. Your university entrance qualification will be assessed by the International Office after the application has been submitted. For a first orientation as to whether or not you are eligible, the webseite Anabin provides country specific information (in German language only).

Application procedure: Please submit a completed application form and your certified educational documents and their translations into German or English. Your application should also include a copy of your current residence document. Detailled application information is available on our respective website. You can submit your application through the post or during our office hours. Please make sure that your address is up-to-date, as we will contact you through the post.

Counselling in Arabic and Turkish language: In addition to our regular office hours, the International Office offers individual counselling (also) in Arabic and Turkish language for refugees, but also for further applicants. An appointment is not required.

Outside of our personal office hours you can contact us by phone.
You can reach our Arabic Hotline by calling +49 5251 60-1818.

Please note our office hours for personal consultation and telephone hotline.



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