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Transition to Bachelor and Master Programmes

You are finalizing your preparatory German course soon and participate in the intermediate or advanced DSH course? In order to organize your transition and start your university studies as smoothly as possible, we would like to inform you about the next and necessary steps.

Application to studies after the DSH course and deadlines

Application deadlines and application groups
  • EU and non-EU nationals: Please confirm your study program via subitting the form "Aufnahme des Fachstudiums" (considering the deadlines) to the International Office

  • As a participant of the intermediate or advanced level of the DSH course you will receive the application form by mail from the International Office

Submission Deadlines:

Deadline for the winter semester: 15.06.

Deadline for the summer semester: 15.01.

  • EU citizens who apply for a subject with restricted admission (also for Bachelor Teaching Programs with restricted admission ("UNI-NC" in the range of courses)) must also apply online to the Registrar`s Office
  • Exception: If you are a German citizen, please apply online to the Registrar's Office


Current Study Programs


The complete range of courses offered by the University of Paderborn can be found here:

Not all courses start in the summer semester.

"Uni-NC" means that there are admission restrictions. There is a certain number of places available, some of which are allocated to international students in the order of their secondary school leaving grades. Admission is therefore not guaranteed!

If you click on the study program, you will always see the same structure behind it, you can look for example for counselling opportunities and see the corresponding admission requirements ("Zugangsvoraussetzungen"). Please read them carefully!

Aptitude tests for the coming semester:

Schedule: Admission --> Enrollment --> Getting started with your studies

We conduct the admission procedures for the summer semester in January / February and for the winter semester in July / August

  • Enrollment periods:

Summer semester: in March

Winter semester: in September

(the exact dates are sent to you in the notification of admission)

  •  Overview of the lecture periods
  • Orientation events: in the week before the expected start of lectures
Credit Point Recognition/Conversion of study in your home country

If you are applying for a subject you have already studied in your home country, it may be possible to get credits and admission (start with a higher semester). If this applies, please contact the International Office as early as possible but until 15.01. / 15.06. at the latest.

Significant proof of former studies is always required. In addition to the overview of taken subjects and grades, you will need to hand in descriptions of the modules and program in German or English. You can also provide a link to the corresponding page of your former university.

Documents for the enrollment

Please submit only after you received the admission letter!

    The documents you need to submit when you register at the International Office are listed in the letter of admission letter that we send to you.

    In any case, you must submit the following for enrollment:

    Please note: The semester documents will be sent to you by mail.

Application and regognition process for Master's programmes

You would like to take a Master's programme at the University of Paderborn after passing the DSH? Then your previous Bachelor's degree programme will have to be checked for equivalence.


Crediting process

1. You have submitted the form „Aufnahme des Fachstudiums“ ("Admission to the study program")?

2. You handed in all necessary documents to the International Office for the evaluation? (Overview of subjects and grades, degree certificate, additional documents if necessary --> see notes on Master's programs in Business Administration and Economics and Mechanical Engineering)

In the next step, the International Office generates a credit proposal for the desired Master's program and forwards it to the responsible examination board of the faculty, which decides on the basis of the certificates whether a direct admission to the Master's program is possible.

The International Office will then inform you about the exam via email.

Since the assessment of a credit proposal by the examination board may take some time, please aply as soon as possible by submitting the form „Aufnahme des Fachstudiums" in order to start the credit process.

Documents for the crediting process

In order to determine the equivalence of your bachelor's degree program and thus your access to the master's degree program, your degree program will be evaluated on the basis of the transcripts of your bachelor's degree program.

You have already submitted these documents with your application for the DSH course:

  • Subject and grade overview of all academic years (transcript)
  • Certificate of completion of studies, if completed

For the Master's programs in Business Administration and Economics and Mechanical Engineering further documents are required. Please inform yourself in time.


Note: Documents for the Master's degree programmes in the field of Faculty of Business Administration and Economics and Mechanical Engineering

For the Master's degree programmes in the field of Business Administration and Economics, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Chemical Engineering, please also provide the following information about your studies completed in your home country, if possible:

  •     Units completed (work load)
  •     Credits
  •     Duration of a semester
  •     Semester hours per week
  •     If possible, course descriptions and module plans
Master degree programmes in Mechanical Engineering

For the Master degree programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Chemical Engineering, proof of "practical work experience" of 6 weeks is also required. In addition to the period of time, the proof should also list the individual activities. An internship completed at a university cannot be recognised.



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