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If you have been accepted for the preparatory German language course (DSH course) you will receive an admission letter for the DSH course. This can take up to eight weeks after the end of the application deadline. We ask you to refrain from inquiring about the application status within this time.

The admission letter is for the DSH course only - not yet for the degree course of your choice. Whether you are eligible for the degree course will be assessed at the end of the DSH course. You do not have to apply again, but - as admission criteria (e.g. entrance tests, language skills, required minimum grades, accrediations of previous study achievements) to degree courses might change - it is essential that you inform yourself self dependently about the admission requirements for your degree course.

Detailed and up-to-date information about degree courses offered at the University of Paderborn and about the respective admission requirements are available here.


Here you can find the proof of the necessity of presence at the University of Paderborn (DSH course) - January 2021 to provide to German embassy [Download].

Since the German universities present a mixture of online and classroom-based courses during the winter semester 2020/21, according to information from The Federal Ministry of the Interior, separate proof of compulsory attendance is no longer required.

Postponement of admission

After you have received your admission letter, you can postpone your admission for a maximum of three times to a later semester (e.g. October to April). You should send the request for postponement by e-mail to io.dsh(at)zv(dot)uni-paderborn(dot)de by the deadline mentioned below at the latest.

Deadlines for the postponement

Until 31.10. Postponement to April
Until 30.04. Postponement to October

Important: Please write in the reference line (subject) clearly, e.g.: Postponement of admission (DSH course) _ AZ. Number (xxxxx)_Matriculation number (xxxxxxx)


Current Study Programms

You can find the detailed Information about each study programs and their admission requirements under Studienangebots der Uni Paderborn!


Grade point average (GPA)

Transferring your grade to the German system (or the other way around)

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