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A book reading in auditorium G Show image information
Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax” Show image information
Studying in the O building Show image information
The foyer with the Service Center Show image information

A book reading in auditorium G

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax”

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Studying in the O building

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

The foyer with the Service Center

Corona FAQ of the International Office

Degree Seeking

Updated: 09. August 2021

The following information is subject to change due to the further development of the Corona-pandemic. Please inform yourself regularly on this page about further developments. It is intended to return from the upcomming winter term 2021/22 in large parts to presence studies again. The latest information of the German Rectors' Conference concerning the entry to Germany from virus variant areas can be found here.
The university strongly recommends the new students to be present for the orientation phase which starts on October 4, 2021. The lecture periode starts on October 11, but it will be still possible to accomodate new students in the running winter term until October 25, 2021.

Application process and application deadlines

The application deadlines and application procedures remain basically unchanged for the respective groups of applicants. However, if it is not possible to submit the certified documents by the deadline, it is possible for keeping the deadline to apply with simple copies initially.
In this case, for applications for the winter term 2021/22, the certified copies must then be submitted by 15 July 2021 (depending on the applicant group, either to Uni-Assist or to the International Office).

Enrolment (International Master's Programs)

The enrolment information can be found here!


What do I have to consider when entering Germany?

Please check the website of the Ministry of the Interior for information about the current travel restrictions and quarantine regulations.

Further information regarding entry into Germany can be found on the websites of the Federal Police.

Information of the German Rectors' Conference concerning the entry from virus variant areas can be found here!


Attendance certificate for entry to Germany

(Last update: August 17, 2021)

Because institutions of higher education in Germany are planning for the winter semester 2021/22 to return to in-person instruction as much as possible, it is not necessary to provide any separate documentation of the need to attend in person.
Source: Ministry of the Interior

We would also like to point out that even with a special certificate from the university, entry from a virus variant area cannot be made possible. Please refrain from requesting these certificates. 

Do I need a health insurance?

Do I need a health insurance?

In order to enrol at a German university, you need a certificate from a statutory health insurance fund confirming that you are either a member of a statutory health insurance scheme, are not subject to compulsory health insurance (e.g. because you are over 30 years old), or are exempt from compulsory health insurance (e.g. because you have chosen a private health insurance policy with sufficient cover). If you attended courses online before entering Germany, you can apply for a refund of health insurance contributions after entering Germany. You can find more information on the topic of health insurance under "Finances and Insurance".



The corona pandemic has put me in financial difficulties. Where can I find support?

The "Corona and Studying: FAQs for Students" of the "Deutsches Studierendenwerk" offer a good overview of the existing possibilities to improve the financial situation of German and international students.

The following student loans can be applied for by international students as well:

Corona-Study Loan from the „Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)

Student loan from the „Darlehenskasse der Studierendenwerke e.V. (Daka)

Students can also apply for funds from the Corona Aid Fund for UPB students and at the "Studierendenwerk" for interim financial aid.

Further information about the possibilities of financing your studies and support in applying for the mentioned student loans can be found on the corona information pages of the AStA, as well as in the office for social affairs of the AStA of Paderborn University.

It shall also be pointed out, that currently harvest helpers are urgently needed in Germany. Through the platform "Das Land hilft." there is the possibility to find a suitable job.


How will the corona virus affect teaching in WS 2021/22? Will teaching take place online again?

Below you will find the latest information of the managing board.

(Last update : 22 Juli 2021)

Coronavirus: Current information for students


Dear students of Paderborn University,

On the occasion of the end of the lecture period, we would like to inform you as usual about the current regulations for the upcoming examination period and the plans for the winter semester 2021/22.

The Ministry of Culture and Science in North Rhine-Westphalia announced that an extension of the Corona Protection Ordinance beyond September 30, 2021 is not expected, rather it is firmly assumed that the coming winter semester will take place as usual in attendance. Of course, things can still change at a moments notice; but it cannot be ignored, that in North Rhine-Westphalia and also on the part of the federal government, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, “the signs” point very clearly to a return to face-to-face teaching.

Against this background, we would like to ask you to prepare now for comprehensive face-to-face teaching in the coming winter semester and, for example, plan your living situation accordingly.

At Paderborn University, to be on the safe side, we will continue our original plans for a hybrid semester (i.e. part of the courses will only take place in person, the other part will only be carried out digitally) in parallel. However, we would like to emphasize that these will only come into effect in an emergency, as a fall-back option, if external requirements make this necessary.

With regard to the specific design of face-to-face teaching in the coming winter semester, there are currently no requirements. You should, however, expect that the so-called three "G" (vaccinated, recovered, tested) play a role and proof of immunization or negative tests must be presented before courses may be attended. 

We would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention that a number of unbureaucratic vaccination offers are now available in the district of Paderborn without having an appointment in advance. You can find more information at:

On August 5th, 2021 in the time from 10 to 5 there is also an opportunity to be vaccinated on campus at Paderborn University, in building Q, level 1, without prior registration. We would like to encourage you to accept the vaccination offer in order to protect yourself and to contribute to combating the pandemic as a whole. This may assist with the university returning to normal operations. 

Current examination period

The latest general ruling from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia results in the following regulations for the upcoming examination phase, which apply as long as the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the district of Paderborn are assigned to incidence level 0 or 1:

  • The distance and hygiene rules must still be observed, but masks may be removed when seated.
  • In the case of examinations and courses in attendance, the traceability of those present will continue to be digital via "permitted in".
  • No proof of immunization or negative test is currently required.

We will of course inform you immediately of any changes.

Regardless of all the imponderables that the pandemic continues to pose to us, we wish everyone a successful examination phase as well as a relaxing and all-round great vacation - stay healthy!

Best Wishes,


Birgitt Riegraf, Simone Probst, Volker Schöppner



The University for the Information Society