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A book reading in auditorium G

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Demonstration during a lecture in the “Audimax”

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

Studying in the O building

Photo: Paderborn University, Adelheid Rutenburges

The foyer with the Service Center


Can I spend an exchange semester or year in Paderborn without knowing any German?

Yes, you can attend in courses taught in English. However, kindly inform yourself beforehand if there are enough English taught courses available for the subject of your choice.

Is it possible to only take part in the German course and not any departmental courses?

Yes, you also receive ECTS credits for attending the German language courses for exchange students.

How many ECTS do I have to earn?

The normal ECTS point count amounts to 30 ECTS for a semester for a German student. However, it is very difficult for exchange students to achieve this point count and many partner universities request a decidedly lower number. You should clarify this with your home university before your arrival. The University of Paderborn does not impose a minimum requirement on finished courses or ECTS.

When must I have my Learning Agreement signed?

That depends on your home university. Paderborn University has no deadline.

The only exception are students who come to the University of Paderborn within the programme Erasmus+ Mobility with Partner Countries / International Credit Mobility. You have to submit the Learning Agreement by certain deadlines. More information you will receive automatically by the responsible Erasmus+ ICM coordinator.

Where do I find information about the courses?

Under Study you can find more information.

When do I have to sign up for courses?

There are two course registration periods at Paderborn University.

It is usually not necessary to register for courses BEFORE your exchange started. Exception: Students of Business Administration and Economics are given the opportunity to register for some courses approximately six weeks before the beginning of the semester. You will receive information from the Faculty in due time.

Registration for courses is done via the campus management system PAUL. IMT access is required for this. You will receive this access within the welcome folder at the beginning of your stay at the Paderborn University.

All exchange students who are in their second semester at the University of Paderborn should register via PAUL already in the first course registration phase, since you already have IMT access.

You can find the registration phases and possibly deviating regulations here.

As an exception to the above mentioned regulations, registration for German courses which are offered especially for exchange students is not done via PAUL. You can find further information here.

The Incoming Team of the International Office will inform about the respective registration deadlines by email.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact either the internationalization officers of the faculties or Ms. Struzek.


Are German courses offered for exchange students? How can I register for them?

Two optional German courses are offered for exchange students: the Pre-semester Crash Course (holiday course) before the semester starts and the Semester-Afternoon Course during the semester. Both courses are free of charge.

Pre-semester Crash Course German:

When applying for the exchange programme, you will be asked to inform us whether you wish to take part in the crash course before the start of the semester. However, you must still register for the crash course using an online form. You will be informed about the one-week registration period by the Incoming Team of the International Office by email in due time.

The crash course is scheduled for 4 weeks in March and September, with a total of 80 teaching units taking place 4 days a week. Upon successful completion you will receive 5 ECTS.

Semester-Afternoon Course German:

Participants of the crash course can register directly in the crash course for the semester course. Otherwise, registration is also done by using an online form. There is also a one-week registration period, about which you will be informed by the Incoming Team of the International Office by email in due time.

There will be a total of 120 teaching units. Upon successful completion you will receive 8 ECTS.

Further information, including placement tests, can be found here.

How do I register for exams?

The registration for exams is done in PAUL.

You will receive information on this at the welcome events of your faculties. If there is no welcome event for your faculty, you can ask Ms. Struzek. 

Exception: For all courses of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, registration for the module automatically leads to registration for the examination (implicit registration for the examination). A further registration for an examination is not necessary, but it may be necessary to deregister.

Information on the registration periods for examinations can be obtained here.

The Incoming Team of the International Office will inform about the respective registration deadlines by email. If you have any problems or questions, please contact either the internationalization officers of the faculties or Ms. Struzek.



When will exams be held?

Exams typically take place after the end of the lecture period. Their dates will be set by the faculty, usually during the the lecture period and are not known beforehand. Usually, they are held within the first weeks after the lecture period has ended. We recommend to calculate at least 2-3 weeks for this. However, please note that we cannot give any guarantee, as it is the faculty's decision.

Can I go home at the end of December or in January, because my Trimester/Semester starts there?

Sometimes, for example in Business Administration and Economics, this is possible. You should speak with the professors for each course ahead of time, in order to arrange a potential earlier exam date.

How do I receive my transcript?

Since both, courses and examinations, are registered in PAUL, the grades for examinations taken are also entered in PAUL by the lecturers. This can take up to 6 weeks after the end of the semester. The International Office regularly checks which grades are available. As soon as the grades for students are completely available, the Transcript of Record will be issued and sent to you by email. Should your home university require a hardcopy, it will be sent directly to the university.

In PAUL you can also see an overview about your grades at any time.

If you have questions regarding your Transcript of Records please contact Ms. Struzek.

When do I have to re-register myself for the second semester?

The new semester with the ticket begins on April 1 and on October 1. You should be re-registered by then and have received the new ticket and student ID (after you have paid for it).

How can I extend my stay from one to two semesters?

You can normally stay for a second semester within the same academic year, if both your home university and Paderborn University agree. We regret that an extension into the next acacemic year is not possible. We kindly ask for your understanding.

For an extension your university needs to confirm their approval by mail to Ms Schrade. You als need to obtain the consent of the academic coordinator in Paderborn. If both sides approve, your stay will be extended and you can re-register for the second semester. If you need to extend your visa, Ms Schrade can issue you a confirmation about your extension for the local immigration office.

Please keep in mind that your room is not automatically at your disposal for a second semester. Please contact the students services as soon as possible to extend your rental agreement. If this is not possible, you might have to look for a new room/ apartment yourself.

Is there a free German course during the semester with two hours per week?

The course is arranged if there are enough students (at least 6 to 8) on a learning level that want to take part in the course and find a common free afternoon appointment (but not Mondays through Thursdays from 16:00 to 18:00, because the semester afternoon courses run then).

How do I find the rooms in the university?

The letter stands for the building, the first number stands for the floor, and the following numbers are the room numbers. For example, the film room H1.232: you find it in building H, on the first floor, in room 232. If the room is only a letter with one number, for example H1 or C2, it is a lecture hall on the ground floor of the respective building (here, H or C).

Do I have to set up a bank account in Paderborn?

We strongly recommend it, especially one of the numerous student bank accounts that impose no or only very few fees. But you are not obligated to establish a bank account; you must only be sure that your rent, the semester ticket, and eventually the language course and your health insurance can be paid. If you come from a European country, you can also transfer the money online from your account in your home country under specification of the IBAN and Swift codes.

Am I allowed to work?

Yes, international students are allowed to work up to 120 full days or 240 half days per calendar year. You will receive the Lohnsteuerkarte (wage tax card) from the Einwohnermeldeamt (Residence Office). As a EU-citizen, you are on equal terms with German students and are not subject to these restrictions.

Are there scholarships for international students?

Unfortunately, Paderborn University does not award scholarships outside the official programmes. However, Paderborn University tries to provide some jobs as student assistants for exchange students who have to pay high tuition fees at their home universities for the time of their stay in Paderborn.

Erasmus students from universities in Erasmus+ programme countries with a corresponding agreement usually obtain a scholarship from their home university.

Students of German Studies can also apply for a DAAD semester scholarship from their home country.

Only through the programme Erasmus+ Mobility with Partner Countries / International Credit Mobility scholarships are offered to students from the following partner universities:

Bosnia and Herzegovina (University of Sarjevo and University of Mostar), Israel (Bar-Ilan University), Cameroon (Université Yaoundé I), Cuba (Universidad de la Habana), Togo (Université de Lomé), Tunisia (Université de Carthage, Université de la Manouba, Université Ez-Zitouna and Université de Monastir) and Vietnam (Foreign Trade University).

Only a very limited number of scholarships are available. The selection of students to receive such scholarships is made by the home universities in the partner country.

Can I stay in Paderborn and graduate from here?

Within the limits of international exchange, this is not possible. At the end of your exchange stay, you must return to your home university. But we would be happy to have you apply as a regular international student and then come back to the University of Paderborn. This requires a regular application for degree students (possibly for the DSH Course beforehand) within the official application deadlines. We recommend that you contact the International Office on this behalf already during your stay in Paderborn. Detailled information about the application process is also available on our websites for degree students.

Things to do before leaving Germany

Please notice the following points, which might be relevant before you leave:


  • Inform the student services and the Hausmeister of your dormitory abour your exact departure time. 
  • Cancel your German bank account, if you do not need it any longer. If you have questions regarding your blocked accout, please contact the immigration office by mail or phone (8-10 am).
  • If you took health insurance in Germany, do not forget to cancel it, possibly by mail. Insert your insurance number as e-mail subject or into the mail text.
  • Return any books to the library. Otherwise fees might arise.
  • If you need documents to be signed by the International Office, please send them by mail (as long as the International Office is closed due to the Corona pandemic.)

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