Local services and information

Various institutions and facilities at the Paderborn University provide services to support research data management.

The Information and Media Technologies Center (IMT) is responsible for the basic information and media technology infrastructure at the Paderborn University (network, server and storage technologies, communication and collaboration services, authentication and authorisation services). It offers the following services, among others, for the collection, storage and management of research data.

The University Library (UB) is responsible at the Paderborn University for supplying research, teaching and studies with scientific literature and other published information. To this end, it builds up local information resources and offers access to digital publications relevant to the university that are available worldwide, among other things by concluding licence agreements, and also takes care of offers in the area of text and data mining. With its 'Digital Collections', it offers an infrastructure for scientific open access publishing, especially for researching members and affiliates of the university. Through indexing according to international standards, long-term provision and distribution of metadata to the international knowledge network (search engines, etc.), it contributes to the visibility and thus to raising the competitiveness and cultural profile of the university. It offers the following services for research projects, among others.

The data protection officer at the Paderborn University is primarily responsible for informing and advising the university and its employees on their obligations regarding the processing of personal data, for monitoring compliance with data protection regulations, and for raising awareness and training employees involved in processing operations. Data protection must also be complied with in the research sector. Neither the fundamental right to the protection of personal data nor the fundamental right of freedom of research is given priority. However, with special regulations on research data protection, the legislator creates certain privileges for research. The data protection officer advises and supports (also) all researchers of the Paderborn University to comply with the data protection requirements existing in the respective research and to find a balance between the conflicting interests (data protection and freedom of research). The data protection officer provides general and specific information and support materials (e.g. samples) for research projects.