Equal opportunities & diversity

Paderborn University actively promotes equal opportunities and diversity. This includes ensuring equal participation of women and men in academia, promoting gender research and anchoring this in our teaching and fostering an organisational culture that is sensitive to gender and diversity. As a family-friendly university, helping our students and staff achieve a good work/life balance is a cornerstone of what makes Paderborn University stand out as a place to study and work.

Paderborn University regards the heterogeneity of its staff and students as an opportunity. We recognise, value and promote the diverse potential and competencies of all our university members, regardless of gender or social or cultural background. We are actively committed to supporting students with health impairments in such a way that they can participate in higher education on an equal footing and in a self-determined manner. That is why accessibility is particularly important to us.

The success of our equality strategy is reflected in our high ranking for the proportion of women in professorships at state and national level. It is also indicated by our top ratings in reports from the German Research Foundation’s (DFG) research-oriented standards on gender equality and in our multitude of awards, including the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award and Family-friendly university audit.

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