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Students in front of the Audimax Show image information

Students in front of the Audimax

Photo: Paderborn University

Degree programmes

Paderborn University offers a broad range of degree programmes. Whether you’re scientifically or creatively minded, there’s a field of study for everyone. With courses you won’t find anywhere else in Germany, such as Popular Music and Media and Sports Economics – a combination of sports, media and economics, our courses are as unique as our students. Many of our degree programmes also have an international component: e.g. Computer Engineering, Physics with two out of six semesters in France or an exchange programme, like the exchange programme in Mechanical Engineering, where you complete part of your training in China. Some of our Master’s degrees are taught exclusively in English, thereby increasing the international prospects of our graduates. In addition we offer teaching degree programmes, with some 160 subject combinations.
Our degree programmes are renowned for teaching basic knowledge with a high level of practical relevance – always with the work environments of the future in mind. This opens up excellent career opportunities for our students and graduates.
We offer research-oriented teaching, tailored study programmes and high-quality content. And we’ve got the official seal (of quality) to prove it: Almost all our degree programmes are accredited. This means that they’ve been scrutinised by independent experts in an extensive review process.

You can find a full list of our degree programmes here:

Our fields of study:
Teacher training programmes 
Sports and Health 
Business Administration and Economics 
Mathematics and Computer Science 
Language and Literature 
Humanities and Social Sciences 
Art, Media, Music 

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