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Collaboration & strong networks Show image information

Collaboration & strong networks

Photo: Paderborn University, Besim Mazhiqi

Collaboration & strong networks

Paderborn University relies on collaboration and strong networks in both research and teaching. We promote an interdisciplinary approach and build on sustainable co-operation with the community. Our cross-faculty discourse encourages pioneering projects that address major social challenges. Close co-operation with other research institutions results in world-renowned research projects that prove our innovative strength. In close co-operation with industry, our application-oriented basic research constantly delivers new findings, which are made available to industry and society.

We invest in bright minds

A strong global network of non-university partners from science, industry and society provides the framework for numerous co-operation opportunities. Continuous dialogue – for example within the framework of Interdisciplinary Research Centers or Graduate Programmes, as well as regular meetings of the various status groups – also promotes networking among our researchers and academics. We offer our early-career researchers and junior academics a wide range of high-quality training and qualification opportunities and advisory services, as well as extensive research funding and financial support options. 

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