Qualification and advisory for junior scientists and academics

Paderborn University supports its junior scientists and academics with numerous interdisciplinary and target group specific qualification opportunities and advisory services. During the doctoral degree programmes and the postdoc phase, the focus lies on the areas of scientific and academic qualification. These are driven forward by independent research activities and accompanied by supporting measures. In addition, interdisciplinary competencies for careers within and outside the university are promoted.


Levels of promotion for junior scientists and academics

The promotion of junior scientists and academics is pursued at different levels:

At structural level, the integration in a faculty or workgroup constitutes an essential pillar in career development. In this case, support is provided by the integration in research, teaching and supervision, i.e. for instance by involvement on research assignments and research colloquia or engagement in committees. But also the integration in the discipline-specific community is an important building block for scientific or academic qualification. Here, the involvement in research alliances, expert activities and the participation or (co)-organisation of conferences will promote the career. Paramount for both levels of integration - especially during the doctoral degree phase - is the supervisor, who should actively support the relevant activities.


At Paderborn University, junior scientists and academics can benefit from a variety of different qualification opportunities and advisory services. At group level, seminars, workshops and modular programmes are offered at different units within the university. Exchange is provided for within the scope of collegial advisory formats.


At an individual level, there are different offers provided for the various target groups in the areas of coaching and mentoring as well as comprehensive advisory services.


Qualification areas

On the one hand, the qualification opportunities address scientific and academic core competencies (e.g. scientific writing, presentations, publications, teaching competencies or preparing research applications). In addition, the university offers a wide range of courses for the further development of interdisciplinary competencies promoting a career within or outside the university (e.g. in the areas of personnel management, project management, self-organisation, interdisciplinary cooperation or intercultural competencies)


Qualification opportunities and advisory services at Paderborn University

On the following pages, you will find an overview of the most important qualification opportunities and advisory services at Paderborn University. Links to the courses and services offered by the faculties as well as to external courses and services are provided in the info box.

Advice on scholarships and funding for research (Division 2.2/ Research Division)

Advice on scholarships and funding for doctoral studies (Division 2.2/ Research Division)

Advice on external funds management and teyx matters (Division 2.3/ External Funds, Tax Matters)

TecUP / Garage 33: Advice on start-ups, start-up support, transfers and innovation

Advice on wirk-life balance (Family Service Office)

Equal opportunities officer: Qualification opportunities for junior scientists and academics

Qualification courses in university didactics and advice offered by the Academic Professional Development Division

International matters: Stays abroad (in particular ERASMUS+ student mobility) and advice regarding international cooperation (Division 2.1/ International Office)

Internal training, continuing and further education: Seminars on extracurricular competencies, e.g. personnel management, project management, career planning, self-organisation and time management, diversity competencies and intercultural competencies

Writing Center/ Competence Centre for Correct Spelling: Writing workshops and advice

Paderborn Center for Advanced Studies (PACE): Qualification opportunities for doctoral students within structured doctoral degree programmes

Courses on information literacy offered by the university library

Courses on data processing and media literacy offered by the Centre for Information and Media Technologies (IMT)

Language Centre in cooperation with the Internal Training, Continuing and Further Education: Language courses for staff members

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External qualification opportunities

German University Association (DHV): Seminars and career guidance for junior academics

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): Courses on internationalisation

Centre for Science Management (ZWM): Courses in the area of knowledge management

Centre for University Development (CHE): University courses, e.g. dealing with leadership and university management

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