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Target group-specific opportunities and support

At Paderborn University, the promotion of early-career researchers and junior academics is anchored as an interdepartmental task, with a joint network of academic support services. Various university stakeholders contribute to the promotion of early-career researchers and junior academics with their respective skills and expertise. Comprehensive information and a wide range of training and qualification opportunities are offered through the Jenny Aloni Center. In addition, the network partners offer further services, funding and support programmes as well as training and qualification opportunities in their respective areas of expertise.

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Further programmes at UPB

Internal Continuing Education programme, incl. IT courses [Staff Development]

Scientific writing courses [The Writing Centre]

Information literacy courses [University Library]

Language courses [Centre for Language Studies]

Workshopprogramm Orthografie @upb [Zentrum für Rechtschreibkompetenz]

Mailingliste Jenny Aloni Center

The University for the Information Society