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Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer about supporting early-career researchers at Paderborn University Show image information
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Early-career researcher at the lab Show image information
Early-career researchers at UPB Show image information

Photo: Universität Paderborn - Adelheid Rutenburges

Photo: Besim Mazhiqi

Early-career researcher at the lab

Photo: Besim Mazhiqi

Early-career researchers at UPB

Photo: Besim Mazhiqi

Early Postdocs

You are just starting as a postdoc at UPB? The Jenny Aloni Center for Early-Career Researchers provides you with central information and advice on your scientific qualification. Our course program also offers a wide range of interdisciplinary continuing education.

We look forward to welcoming you to our programs.

The Centers own Services

Impulses and networking opportunities offered by the Jenny Aloni Center for Early-Career Researchers

  • Career Spotlight
  • Information: Contact us in case you have a question or concern. We will gladly answer your question or direct you to the right contact person.

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